make money from gaming blogging

Gaming has become the fastest-growing form of entertainment in the world. The pandemic has only warmed up the gaming industry, now the market attracts record investments, and developers compete more actively for the free time of a paying audience. Thanks to the millions of players around the world, online games have become a source of huge profits and opened up a lot of opportunities to earn money. In this article, we will consider how to turn a hobby into an income and analyze what methods of monetization are currently relevant.

How to promote a game channel?

Now, YouTube is one of the most powerful tools for promoting a personal brand. The platform allows you to create a community of loyal users, build trusting and long-term relationships with them that can be constantly monetized.

Developing a blog is constant and energy-consuming work that requires diligence, self-discipline, and time. That’s why it’s important to approach it seriously if you want to achieve high financial results.

Before you make any marketing moves, it is important to identify the main topic on which you will create videos. Some bloggers bet on rating games or new products that could also become popular in the future. It is worth studying the target audience for a more personalized approach to the development of content strategy, as well as the drafting of advertising messages for each of the segments.

The first step is to properly design the channel. This allows you from the first seconds to hold the attention of a new audience, engage and immerse people in the depth of your content. To stand out among your competitors, create a unique style, a bright memorable channel header, your logo, and write the description. Take care of the quality of the content and buy professional equipment: video camera, tripod, microphone, lighting, etc.

The necessary stage of promotion is to increase the level of popularity and involvement. At the start, it is effective to buy YouTube subscribers, views, comments, etc. This marketing move will allow you to quickly raise your videos’ rankings in search engines and recommendations. What’s more, high stats on your channel create the trigger for social proof. When people see that the credibility of the brand is confirmed by the majority, they perceive it as authoritative, the content as interesting, and the channel begins to scale organically.

Every year YouTube becomes more saturated with content and personal brands, and to get out of the shadow of competitors it is important to constantly invest in its promotion: set up ads, buy real YouTube subscribers, do collaborations with bloggers, mutual PR, cross-promotion through other platforms, etc. A steady influx of new audiences will ensure a constant channel’s growth by converting users into subscribers, customers, or advertisers.

How to profit from a personal brand?

Once you have built up a huge social capital, you have the opportunity to make money.
You can earn with Google AdSense, through ads that are embedded in videos on an automatic basis. In this case, the video blogger is focused only on creating content.

You can make direct contracts with advertisers or cooperate with game developers. In this case, it is important to hold negotiations, agree on a script and know how to work with the audience. You can offer collaboration yourself and write to game projects that you are interested in, that are quite popular, and now acquire advertising. Accordingly, you will get sponsors for your videos, and they will get a great source of traffic. In some cases, they will be able to help you with creatives, materials, and video shooting, provide you with early access so that you can broadcast updates in the game, the appearance of new characters, before anyone else.

An effective way to monetize your channel is through affiliate programs. You can recommend definite games or in-game products, add affiliate links to the description and receive a commission on sales or installations.

It is recommended to combine tools and develop several income sources at once for stable growth of profit.

To sum up, in modern times the gaming industry is mainstream. Every year, it involves more people and allows them to take part in its enormous financial flows. So, the best time to start moving in this direction is now.