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Online gaming is not a trend but a craze across the world and Germany is no exception. Here, many people love playing online games and being on gambling websites. One can have the idea of a booming German online gaming industry by the fact that this industry tops the 6-billion-euro mark. The sales or revenue generated from online gaming services in Germany is on the rise.

In this post, you will learn about the current trends in the German online gaming industry, the importance of using VPN gaming, current cybersecurity trends, and many more related stuff. So, if you’re a Germany-based gamer this post is the best thing to refer to right now. 

German Gaming Industry – Growth and Other Related Statistics 

Germans love playing online games and this industry is in its full bloom. Here are a few facts proving our statement right. 

  • In 2019, the revenue generated from online gaming services in Germany was 461 million euros which were 30 percent higher as compared to the revenue in, 2018, which was 353 million euros. 
  • Around 5.1 million gamers availed of fee-based gaming services in 2019. 
  • Online gambling is now allowed in Germany and is under strict guidelines. Glücksspielstaatsvertrag (the state treaty on Gambling in Germany) or GlüneuRStV framework will monitor online gambling in Germany. As per the framework, only €1,000 monthly for each player is the allowed gambling limit presently.
  • Germany has the highest number of internet users in Europe. A recent report revealed that nearly 34 million Germans are involved in online videos. Mostly, people use mobile phones and gaming consoles to play games. 
  • When it comes to in-game purchases, nearly EUR 1.8 billion is spent in this direction. 

VPN Gaming – An Ideal Way To Stay Safe 

Online games are interesting but are scary if enough protection is not in place. The online video game industry is on the radar of cybercriminals. Here are a few facts proving our statement right. 

  • There are nearly 10 billion attacks on the online video game industry between 2018-2022. 
  • In 2020, Capcom became the victim of cyberattacks wherein the personal data of 350,000 people were stolen. 
  • Attacks on the online gaming industry will increase by 340% in 2020. 

So, understand that if you’re on an online gaming website, you’re at risk. The only resort is a powerful VPN that encrypts the traffic, doubles up the encryption, keeps malware at bay, and 

hide the real IP address. If you’re having a tough time finding a suitable gaming VPN, refer to the VPNWelt best free VPN guide. 

Banned Games In Germany 

If you keep a tab on cybersecurity trends, you must know that any game that violates the Strafgesetzbuch criminal code can be banned in Germany. Also, if a game has high violations and abuse then also its survival rate in Germany is very low.

Here is a list of some banned games in Germany:

  • 10,000 Bullets, 25 to Life, 300: March to Glory, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and Alfro Samurai are banned because of high-impact violence. 
  • Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Call of Duty: World at War are banned because of high violence but each of them has a censored version available in Germany. 
  • Goldeneye 007 was banned because of abuse and violence. 
  • Grand Theft Auto is not officially banned but features an A rating. 

That’s not the end of the list. There are many more games banned in Germany. The full list is accessible here.

Recent News From Germany Gaming Industry 

With so many active players and heavy transactions, the German gaming industry is likely to be very much happening. Here are some of the news that is making high waves in this industry. 

  • The ban on the Nazi symbol is now lifted. It happened in 2018. Video games can use this symbol in their games.  
  • Germans are temperamental players as 39% of respondents admitted stopping playing the game once they lose it.  
  • In observance of the Protection of Young Persons Act, the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS game is discontinued in Germany. From January 2022 onwards, this game is no longer available on German subscriptions of Xbox and PlayStation. 
  • Online gambling and casino games are now available in Germany. But, it’s monitored by Casino law. As per the law, only licensed casinos are allowed to conduct online gaming sessions. 
  • Gamescom, the world’s largest video game event, is back and will start in August 2022. It was stopped due to the pandemic and will resume once again. In the last event, which took place in 2019, 373,000 visitors took part. It will happen in both digital and in-person modes. It’s no less than Mecca for game lovers. 

Ending Notes 

Germany is indeed a gamers’ nation and offers ample opportunities for online game lovers. The industry is growing and the players in the industry are making handsome money. However, there are few legal implications imposed on online gaming in Germany. Also, we can’t deny the fact that online gaming websites are virus hubs. So, use the best VPN provider in Germany and stay safe. Happy gaming!