Video games attract people of all ages. But have you ever thought of combining your love for nature with games?

Well, some games let you do just that! Whether you are playing alone or with your kids, this is a great way to connect with nature and unwind after long hours of work.

Here is a list of games for nature lovers out there, which you might find interesting.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

From the dark ages to a medieval backdrop, Skyrim lets you explore the world that was once filled with lush forests and mountainous areas. It’s the kind of game where you can go wherever you desire.

You can be on the top of a mountain, taking in the breathtaking views or enjoying the clear blue skies over the ocean, or maybe even enjoying the magical auroras!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

With beautifully depicted mountains that are geographically accurate, to rivers that bend realistically around the corner, the gameplay of Witcher takes you on a wonderful ride through the heart of nature. Enjoy the forested lands of Europe with the tall pines, conifers, and maples shrouding the narrow wooded roadways into an enchanting bliss!

Moreover, the game pays attention to every detail regarding the nature of vegetation such that you will find the mushrooms under the shade, wolfsbane by the meadows, and fool’s parsley (Aethusa cynapium) nearby the cultivated fields and paths.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Although the game takes place at nighttime, the gorgeous and enchanting surroundings make up for all the darkness. It’s like walking through a surreal world filled with life and light, even at the darkest of nights!

From bioluminescence to starry skies, this game gives you the feel of the “Planet at Night.”

Far Cry Primal

In this game, you will be surrounded by numerous trees, lush, green forests away from the hustle and bustle of cities.  You will be amazed to find extinct life forms like mammoths, a sabertooth tiger, woolly rhino, cave bear, and others, and feel yourself transported in time.

This game will put you amidst the rawest form of nature, and you have to face the challenge of survival!

Shelter 1 & 2

In this game, you will play the role of a mother, badger, who is trying to protect her cubs and raise them in this fierce world.

From finding food for your cubs to keeping them out of danger, you have to do it all for survival away from danger. Forest fires could also be a dangerous threat, so you must be beware.

Explore nature and bring out your inner animal through this game. So, go ahead and trust your instincts to fight our way through the world to protect the ones you love!


Beautiful visuals, incredible locations, and stunning scenes all inspired by the real wonders that this world holds make you fall in love with nature even more and bring you closer to her. So, go ahead and enjoy these games today!