Lost Arc

Lost Ark has become one of the most exciting online games in recent years. Before players can really take advantage of everything the game has to offer, they have to build a high-quality, powerful character. Although this sounds easy, it will take time, experience, gold and dedication. The player must pick a class, select attacks, and use Skill Points to unlock skill trees. Below, readers will learn how to properly build a character in Lost Ark.


First, the player will need to determine which class is going to work best for them. The class will make a big difference since it helps determine your weapon and attack types. Other factors decided by the class include your attack positioning and role in combat. For instance, some characters will remain on the outside while others will engage in close combat. If you’d like to fight closer to your enemies, choose a class that allows you to do that.

Once you’ve selected a class, you will begin your journey. Start by assigning skills. You’ll have eight slots so you can select eight skills. The good news is that you can switch skills whenever you want. It is wise to experiment with various combinations to find out what works best for you.

Building Skills

Ultimately, skill points are the most important building block in this game. Before you can begin unlocking the best skills, you’ll have to collect enough skill points. In this game, you’ll find that every skill has a skill tree. The skill tree allows the player to modify their skills more. Once a skill has reached level four, a new tree branch will be unlocked. Ultimately, this also happens at level 7 and level 10. At level 50, the player can begin collecting more skill points by using skill potions.

You can also improve your ability by using gems and runes. Regardless, players will need to focus intently on building their skills.

Picking Equipment

To build the best character, the player will also need to worry about weapons and armor. Both are critically important because they can improve your character’s endurance, swiftness, and more. When looking at your inventory, it will be easy to determine which equipment is good and bad. Each piece will have combat stats that can help you determine which equipment is best for the battle. If you’re going to build a high-quality character in this game, you must look at the top Lost Ark builds. Use this information as guidance to ensure that your character is great.

Don’t Forget Cards

You’ll also need to use the best engravings and cards to perfect your build. Although you can use both, they’re designed for the same purpose. They can help enhance your character in various ways. Cards can be obtained early in the game. Each one is different so you must pick the card that is going to work well with your class. For instance, the Cursed Doll card will increase your power while reducing your HP. As for the Awakening card, it will reduce your cooldown time.

Combining the best card with the right equipment can truly make a big difference.

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