Diablo Immortal Gameplay

Diablo Immortal- the new Blizzard game that will be brought not only to PC, but also to mobile is coming soon! It will definitely be different from what we are used to because the gameplay has been tweaked in order to suit touchscreens. You surely want to know more about Diablo Immortal, and that’s why we have put together the most important released information.

Diablo Immortal release date and platforms

The release date of Diablo Immortal is June 2, 2022, or at least this is what Blizzard plans are. This includes both Android, iOS, and PC devices. The PC version is great news for the players since they have been asking for it since the game was announced.

Furthermore, there will be even an option for a cross-play between PC and mobile versions, which will allow every player to team up with people across platforms. And that’s not all, a cross-progression option will be given to the players, that will allow them to hop between devices if needed. It will use Battle.Net account and save the progress online, then the character will have the ability to quickly transfer.

Are we going to have the chance to play Diablo Immortal as a console version? Well, we hope so, but we still can not say. Let’s be happy with the fact that we have the option for PC gameplay, because at first, only mobile version was planned.

Diablo Immortal Story

The story of Diablo Immortal is set between Diablo 3 and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Diablo 2 ends with the Worldstone being destroyed by Archangel Tyrael, which kills Tryael. However, the falls from heaven and comes back for Diablo 3. Diablo Immortal’s story will be all about what has happened in-between.

It will show us how Tyrael gained his power back, and all the events that lead him into coming back to Diablo 3. The character will be unravelling the mystery while fighting with Skarn, because of them trying to collect the shattered Worldstone.

Diablo Immortal Gameplay

Blizzard gave us a sneak peak at the gameplay of Diablo Immortal, shown in the trailer. We saw that we will be able to pick from six heroic classes, there will be new zones and new stories, new dungeons, and a huge multiplayer experience. Furthermore, there will be some absolutely amazing new abilities to enjoy and fulfil our game experience.

The six main classes that will be given are: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Necromancer, Crusader and Monk. Each of the classes will offer a range of skills and abilities that will have to be unlocked. Furthermore, we expect a class change feature, that will give the players the chance to switch between classes and adopt the ability that the current squad needs.

In addition, the players will be able to open their shops in the city centres, to form parties, to trade spoils, and to create a great environment. Villains such as Lord of Destruction and Leoric the Skeleton King will come back, and the gamers will have to take them down. But the villains are not limited to them, and we expect to see new ones, called Manoruk and Glacial Colossus.

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass

Diablo Immortal is a free game that you can play on mobile and PC. And yes, it does have a battle pass that offers a premium set of rewards and free rewards to the players. Furthermore, microtransactions will be also offered. Don’t worry, Blizzard promised that this will not have an impact on the core experience, and the free gaming will be as good as ever.

If you want to spend money on Diablo Immortal, then you can buy Specialised Regorge stones, Platinum to spend on the player market, looks for your character, or Eternal Orbs.

Diablo Immortal Boosting

Diablo Immortal boosting services give the chance to the players to level up in the game without hassle. Do you want to gear up a new character, get to the endgame, level up, or try out a new class? Then the boosting services are one great option.

Diablo Immortal Boosting services can be used both for mobile and PC versions. And what can be done? Your game experience can be completely changed with the help of professionals. Your character can level up, the battle pass can be upgraded, the story campaign can be finished, and a completion of Rifts can be done for you, so you can get some great, unique rewards. And much more!

We are all waiting for Diablo Immortal to be released, and that’s all we know about the game now. Watching the trailers is what we can do, but the 2nd of June will be here soon, and we all will be enjoying some great gaming experience!

Image Source – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab2-WW1skOM