About Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix rising is a project. It is an episodic free fan-made Pokemon PRG which is created RPG Maker and essentials engine. It is set in ‘Hawthorne’ which is a new region, and this will bring in more changes to the main series which is original. There will be added more features in a traditional theme.

The first  demo was released on the 25th of May in the year 2018. This was just a test, and it was said that all other following episodes would be subsequent releases, but their announcements will be made in the future.

It was released on Windows, also with a MAC version. Furthermore, it was said that after the initial launch people would get to know what other platforms will come into being apart from MAC and Windows. Initially, the game was introduced in the English language, but it was said that this game would soon be introduced into various other languages too.

It is created by part-time volunteers who are not at all professional game developers. Not only this, but they are also not professional artists too. The team said that they created this because they did not want money but because they loved Pokemon. They also wanted to be those who create unique games and gain no money but just fame. It also provides people with the opportunity to listen to the soundscapes of Hawthorne.

The Pokemon phoenix rising is a free fan made a game. The game is completely non-profit made. Moreover, it has a free downloadable demo available too. The product is free of cost, no donations are taken.

The company that made these are already known by the community based on their past successful non-profit projects.  It has been seen that the company eventually, has been rising rapidly and have been very very fast on such things and we will know quite early now that will Pokemon Phoenix rising will really have a future or not.

You can change your outfit and your skin color too so that you can match the hero you want to be.

Skills trees:

The skills trees are what permits you to unlock the talent. You achieve the points for your talents as you start playing.

A few things you should know about Phoenix Rising

This is something in which your choices have the main effect and there are multiple ending based on what our choices are.

It will also have some new branded mega growth. You can also use your blogs, videos, and streams as some general tips for using in the Pokemon Phoenix.

In between, the makers had unwillingly started banning those who were ungracious towards the makers of the game and those who were fans. They were really okay with criticism which made them know what was wrong in their game but now seeing such inconsiderate behavior made them take action.

They could not stay silent on the fact that the criticizers were threatening people who were following the Pokemon Phoenix and even started asking them to unfollow the facebook page. They could not really accept this; they respected their fans and those who loved Pokemon and did not want such impolite and offensive comments against their good effort and their fans.

Q) How can we play the Pokemon phoenix game?

A) At the moment, you can download it on your pc, but the team is still working on its progress towards other devices too. However, it is not confirmed yet.

Q) On which system will this Pokemon phoenix game work on?

It is made with outdated software. However, the developers are still working over it.

Q) Are there any other languages available?

Not yet, now it is only available in the English language. The good news is that the workers are trying their best to bring in other languages too.

Q) Is the Pokemon phoenix game expensive or what is the price?

Unlike the Pokemon Go, the game is free of charge. The team members just wanted to share something with the Pokemon community, not wealth. They are not accepting any kind of donations even.

Q) Does the Pokemon phoenix include any kind of complications?

A) It is very easy to use. You just have to follow the link, and once you download the game, then, you just have to open the folder of the game and then the file of the game. Lastly, it will open easily. No complications and no worrying.

Important points of the Pokemon phoenix game
  • There are no online features available.
  • No donations are taken
  • Not a gender-based game so you can play as both girl and boy; according to your own will.
  • Customize the character as per your own wish.
  • The project is all of the love the members wanted to give to their fans and those who love Pokemon phoenix-like them.


To conclude, I hope you would get this game downloaded and have fun. Appreciate the hard work of the members who did not even wanted a penny for so much good work. All the best.