His Royal Highness King Billy offers a number of fascinating and exciting games on his online casino platform. You can try your luck in slots, play different table games, video poker, and even experience the authenticity of a live casino. Almost every gambler has their favorite type of games but it’s always better to try all of them before choosing your favorites, something where you can show your best.

There are hundreds of different top casino games on King Billy’s website. He won’t let you feel bored; furthermore, he often adds new games to his platform, so if you don’t like one, you can always try another, until you find something that will suit your interests. Maybe you are a newbie and you prefer to find finding something easy and understandable? Or you are an experienced player and want to play something more elaborate and new? Follow the link to see all top casino slots, table games, and other stuff that will help you have a great time and even earn some extra money. There are two the most popular types of casino games, slots, and table games.



Slot games are the most popular for new players: they are easy to learn and exciting. First slot machine was created back in the 19th century, and the main idea remained the same. Most slots games have an extremely simple and intuitive interface. You place your bet, pull the lever, and face a couple of potential situations.

In the first case, you will lose the money you’ve bet; in the second case, you will get your money back. You can also get a bonus and extra money — the amount depends on your luck based on the results of the game. And in the third case, you are the true winner, getting a jackpot and increasing the amount of your bet many times over. King Billy’s casino provides you with a lot of kinds of slot games — for example, Bonanza, Cash of Kingdoms, Street Magic, Golden Royals, and many other interesting slots.


Table Games

Table games are very popular among the professional players that have a vast casino experience. The legendary games that belong to this category include the following.

• Craps;

• Blackjack;

• Poker;

• Roulette.

They often require skills and knowledge to play them successfully. These games are always operated by one or a couple of live dealers, unlike in the slots, where there are only a machine and a player. The biggest amounts of money are rewarded in this type of gambling. King Billy offers you to play many classic table games on its website, such as Baccarat, different types of Blackjack and Poker, different Roulettes, and other exciting games.

Try different games and choose your favorites, something that would fully correspond to your interests. Be risky but careful, remember that in the casino, if you’re dealing with the real money, you might not only get some extra cash or double or triple the amount of your bet but also lose. Play smartly and enjoy yourself!