wowWarGaming’s free-to-play aerial-combat MMO was officially launched recently with a staggering 4.5 million players participating in their open-beta testing phase. This new game is making a run at becoming WarGaming’s most successful game, even more so than their big hit, World of Tanks.

The game is based on a similar premise to World of Tanks. World of Warplanes utilizes aerial combat as their main playing stage. With over a hundred different aircrafts to choose from, ranging from American, British, Japanese, USSR, and other models, the game opens up a huge variety for players to get into with an even larger opportunity to continue their growth as the game progresses. The game provides the player with a chance to fly their favorite planes and to compete with other players to see who’s the best pilot.

The release of World of Warplanes also integrates the premium accounts a user might have purchased from World of Tanks, meaning their account can be used in both games with the exclusive benefits. The game also started a special contest in regards to the official launch. First to the Top is an exclusive tournament to World of Warplanes, allowing teams of 8 (with 5 active players on each team) to battle for first place by utilizing any planes up  to tier III. Also, teams can only limited their planes to two different planes.The first 64 teams will be accepted and the contest runs on Saturday, November 23rd, and Sunday, November 24th. Here is the link to the site for more information.

What do you guys think of this game? Will it be a great success for WarGaming, like World of Tanks, or will it bomb from the pressure? Let us know in the comments section below!