Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff has been on the Apple App store for just over a month, and rebuilding the town of Quahog after Peter and his Chicken nemesis Ernie’s chaotic brawl is not an easy task.

However it could be made much simpler if players of the city building game had an abundance of Clams, a currency which is hard to come by – unless you’re willing to part with money.

So check out this guide for the best ways to get free Clams in Family Guy: The Quest for stuff.

Connect to Facebook

It seems easy enough; connect to Facebook and get free Clams. Well it is as simple as that! By connecting your Family Guy account to your Facebook account, you net yourself a nice 5 free Clams and it won’t spam your Facebook profile with any posts at all.

Whilst 5 Clams may not seem like many, connecting accounts leads straight on to our next tip!

Visit Your Friends

Once you’ve connected to Facebook you’ll be given access to all the Quahogs that your Facebook friends have rebuilt. Visiting them once a day will earn you an easy 30 coins per town along with free clams if you’re lucky!

Save Your Clams!

If you’re like a majority of players, you don’t want to spend much money on this free app, so the best way to avoid forking out cash for Clams is to make sure you save every clam you have.

This means don’t go spending them all on hurrying up constructions and speeding up character’s activities, instead use them to upgrade your Worker’s Bunkers and unlocking the special characters such as Buzz Killington and Consuela, doing so will increase the amount of buildings you have being developed at one time and also increase your income with more characters.

Complete Collections

The newest update completely revamped the Facespace page; it is now a page which shows progress towards completing collections. The collections usually consist of collecting certain characters (The Gals requires Bonnie and Lois) or collecting all of a character’s outfits.

Completing these challenges is one of the most effective ways to get free Clams with each challenge earning you around 25-50 Clams upon completion.

Take Part in Events

The iOS Family Guy game also updates itself with new special events such as The Kingdom of the Full Moon. This particular event introduced a mysterious pyramid, Cleveland and most importantly, free Clams!

Acquiring the Clams was also pretty simple, it required the collection of butt shaped Idols which were earned through certain character actions (some of which earned double idols!) and also from buildings like the new museum.

By rounding up 2,000 points, you earn yourself a nice and easy 25 Clams.

So there are some of the top tips on how to keep to Clam count high on Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, visiting your friends, taking part in events and spending them wisely will ensure you won’t ever be tempted by those in-app purchases!