smile-for-meSmile for Me is an awesome flash Escape the room game, one of the best I have played, challenging and smart and charming, with a great soundtrack. And just as in another’s great game, Escape From The Living Room, I have prepared a walkthrough for you to help you get that something special. So read on the Smile for Me walkthrough, a step by step guide to beat the game with no problems!

1. On the lower case, click on the book with a tear on it. Open it and notice the symbols. Then click on the book with a rhombus on and note the instructions, too. Finally, read the book with a heart on.
2. Click on the box on the lower shelf and click on its corner to reveal 7 x 8. Go left and look at the notice board.
3. Go left twice. Click on the trash can and pick up the “part of something”. Go back and click on the laptop. Pick up the pencil on it and click it until you get a red fuse.
4. Go back and one screen to the right. Use the item you picked with the machine (click on its left side twice). Turn the cranks following the following sequence (as in the book with a tear on): left, right, left, right (twice), left. Pick up the capsule and click on it again to get the green fuse.
5. Turn the cranks again, in reverse order (left, right, right, left, right, left) and do the same with the capsule to get the key.
6. Go left and click on the box. Here we’ll use the codes from the book with the rhombus. Click on the following buttons (from left to right): 3, 6, 1. Pick up the orange fuse.
7. Go back to the room with the books and click on the one with a triangle on it. Use the key and read it. The numbers represent letters. Now click on the box on the third shelf (the one with a triangle) and write the code (god). Click enter and get the cyan fuse.
8. Click on the box on the lower shelf (the one with a rhombus on) and use the code 961 to open it (based on the instructions in the book). Get the fuse.
9. Now click on the heart shaped box and get the key by entering the code 640 (number of balloons in the book divided by the number on the notice board). After getting the key, open the same box again and click on it to get a purple fuse.
10. Click on the book that was left unread and open it with the key. Notice the “new our foot” line (each letter corresponds to a number).
11. Using the info in the book and that on the notice board, we learn that the code for the pentagon box is 214. Click on it and use the code to open and pick up the blue fuse.
12. Go to the room with the laptop and click it. Enter the password “angel” and click on “check”. Memorize the order of the fuses.
13. Go left and click on the white big object. Place the fuses as instructed in the laptop’s image. Go back to the laptop and click on “Fusion”.
14. Pick up the new fuse and go to the left. Click on the stairs to go up and use the rainbow fuse with the sky. Well done!

Any problems or questions regarding the Smile for Me Walkthrough? Let us know in the comments below!