escapethe-living-room-walkthroughThis is what I call a quality game! Escape From The Living Room is a very challenging escape the room game and you most likely need a walkthrough for it. I have prepared, therefore, an Escape from the Living Room walkthrough, a guide to help you progress and exist the room. Read on below for step by step instructions on how to finish Escape From The Living Room!

1. Click on the flower to the left and click on the stick near it to pick it up.
2. Click on the painting in the middle and pick up the stick on the lower frame.
3. Click on the painting to the right and click on its corners in the following order: lower left corner, upper left corner, upper right corner, lower right corner. Click on the painting again, get the key.
4. Close that window and click on the frame of the painting in your inventory. Click on the about item button and click on the string.
5. Go to the room to the right and click on the CDs. Click on the 4th CD cover and pick up the key.
6. Go to the left and click on the cupboard to the right of the sofa. Use the key from the CD with it and click on the flashlight. Remember to click on it again to turn it on!
7. Go to the left and click below the TV. Pick up totem and click on it as follows: Click the totem once to get the hands up on all figures. Click the bottom figure once. Click the middle figure four times. Click the top totem figure three times. The Totem is now open! Click on the ESCAPE writing to turn it and pick up key.
8. Go left and click on the green table. Use the key with the drawer and get the remote. Click on the drawer eight times until it falls. Click on the opening, click on the flashlight and press the button (remember, the flashlight has to be on!)
9. Get the red phone from the table and click on it to open it. Dial 3258 and press OK. Go to the left and click on the cupboard to the left of the sofa. It is open now, pick up the tape.
10. Go to the room to the left and click on the TV table. Use the key from the picture with the door with righting on it and pick up screwdriver.
11. Go left to the room with the CDs and click the rack. Pick up the last CD on the lower shelf (the one with a coconut and glass of soda). Go back to the TV set. Click on the remote then About Item and turn the remote on. Use the CD with the player and note the code. It’s for the hearts (numbers represent degrees).
12. Go to the right and click on the hearts. Click on them in the following order: heart to the left – twice; next heart: five times; next heart: three times; next heart six times. Then click on the second heart again and pick it up.
13. Click on the box to the right of the hearts and enter the code: 4131. Click on the handle and pick up corkscrew. Go to the bottles and click on each of them and get the corks from each bottle. Please note that the third bottle from the left to the right has a stick hidden there, click on the bottle and pick it up!
14. Go to the TV room again. Click on heart and “about item”. Use screwdriver with screws and pick up the key. Use key with the right drawer and pick up the scissors.
15. Click on the blue stick and “About item”. Use scissors with it. Use the other two sticks with the result. Use the corks with the result. Then use the tape. Click on the phone and close it, then click it to turn it around. Click on the thing you have made from the corks and tape and use it with the phone. Turn the thing around and use the string with the ending. Click on the part with the strings and use tape on the other side.
16. Go back to the room with the white sofa and click right below it. Use the car to get the key and get out using the door to the left!

This great game is said to have two endings. I obviously have the Escape From The Living Room walkthrough for just one ending. Do you have the other?

Update: I am explaining here the corkscrew code, since some people were upset I didn’t. In order to find the code (4131), you have to pick up the CD with sunflowers on and use it with player under TV. It says Bridge x bridge x bridge. Pick up the first CD with a bridge on it and it says 3×9. The third CD with a bridge reads “nine”. The last CD with a bridge has the code for number 17. If you multiply the numbers, the result is 4131 and that’s the code for step 13 (for the corkscrew!)