escapethecanEscape the Can is a really nice and easy escape the room game you can play in a short break. I have prepared a step by step walkthrough for the game, a guide to help you beat Escape the Can. So read on and find out how to easily escape the room in this Escape the Can walkthrough!

1. Click on the sink to turn the tap on. Get the red bar of soap next to the tap.
2. Use the soap with the sink to lubricate it.
3. Use the lubed soap with the cistern and pick up the key.
4. Use the key on cabinet and pick up the box and the body glove.
5. Click on the shower’s curtain and use the body glove on the flowers to get them out of the vase.
6. Use the tweezers with the box in your inventory.
7. Use the gym membership card with the door.

And this was it! A really simple game which, as I said, can be played during a quick break. For more games and guides like this Escape the Can Walkthrough, remember to check back here often!