legend-wars-castle-defenseToday’s free flash game that could be played during your five minutes break at work is Legend Wars Castle Defense, a pretty mad but unfortunately not perfect action/button mashing defend the castle game from A10. Still, for those of you who need to get rid of some stress and tension, the thumb-hurting mad clicking in Legend Wars Castle Defense might do the trick.

The goal is simple in this free flash game: you have to defend your castle no matter what, no matter how many soldiers of yours have to die, no matter how many clicks you have to waste. You will battle against orcs, skeletons, bosses and all sorts of strange creatures that seem to grow stronger and stronger as the time passes by. On your side, except for your fast clicking skills, there are the brave soldiers: archers and swordsmen, pretty useless at first but, as you grow them up (by leveling them up and increasing their stats), they might become decent.

Unfortunately, even though at first you can take care of the enemies in Legend Wars Castle Defense for yourself, it will all get pretty chaotic soon and you will realize that your troops tend to die much faster than the enemy. Add to that the fact that certain troops can only be defeated using a specific weapon, and you’ll get some more headache reasons. But, in the end, if it’s not finishing the game you want, but blasting away some of the stress, Legend Wars Castle Defense could be a perfect solution, a perfect five minutes game.

So go on and give it a try and remember to check back and let us know what you thought of it!