Cubic Room is an extremely interesting room escape game from Tasuku Kaimori, released for the iPhone and challenging us to exit a very interesting cubic room filled with puzzles. I am here to help you beat Cubic Room by sharing with you a walkthrough for the game, one that will hopefully help you get past any problems you have and complete the game.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Cubic Room walkthrough below!

1. Go left twice and tap the pink thing to the left of the display. Take it. Go right twice and use that pink thing with the colored squares above the door. You will see the code 5634, use it on the lock of the door to open it. Zoom in on the monkey and get the small screwdriver.

2. Go right and use the screwdriver to remove the electrical thing in the lower left corner of the room. There’s a key there – take it.

3. Go right twice and with the screwdriver selected, tap the area on the floor in the upper right part to reveal a bottle. Pick it up and tap it to remove its cap.

4. Go left and tap the right side of the display. Use the key to open it and fill the bottle with water.

5. Go left and use the water with the tubes to get the apple and the strange shape. Go left twice and use that shape on the word gorilla to see a code: 02714. Use this code on the panel to the right of the gorilla, then go back to see that the gorilla disappeared and instead we have some items: wrench and knife. Pick them both.

6. Go left twice and use the wrench on the tubes, then pick them up. Go left again and use the tubes with the opened up area on the floor and get the apple.

7. Long tap each apple to zoom in, then use the knife on each one twice. Pick up the red and white jewels,then go to the door and place them in the monkey’s eyes. Go right twice and pick up the jewel. Now the room will turn upside down.

8. Go left and tap the hole to get a key. Go right and use the key on the patch on the wall and tap the switch to turn off the lights.

9. Go right and zoom in to the door. Pick up the two tubes and the green panel. Go right and use the panel on the colored squares to reveal the word “OPEN”.

10. Go left again and use the two tubes on the circles under the door. Also use the two glass tubes on the remaining spots and tap each of them to make the word OPEN. Tap the door and you will exit the Cubic room!

And this is it! You’ve got the diamond and managed to escape the Cubic Room. I really hope that this walkthrough was useful and hopefully helped you get past any obstacle this great game had in store for us!