Play This: Magic Princess Castle Escape

Play This: Magic Princess Castle Escape

It’s Monday and I feel like trying to solve some puzzles and get my brain into work mode once again after the weekend. Fortunately, I managed to stumble upon Magic Princess Castle Escape, a very good escape the room game in which you must save a princess (or, better said, help her escape the castle where she’s being held prisoner).

Magic Princess Castle Escape manages to deliver some really cool puzzles and overall a great escape the room experience in a relatively short game (after all, we need to work and not spent the entire day playing!)

The puzzles are all logical and no twisted, crazy solutions are there to drive you crazy. Just your regular search for objects and clues, use the items together and escape the room. It sounds much easier than it actually is, so the best thing to do would be that of heading over to Kongregate and trying this game out. It’s really fun!

Click here to play Magic Princess Castle Escape.