Play This: Army of Ages

Play This: Army of Ages

What happens when an alien invasion happens exactly at the moment when two tribes were ready to start a conflict? Well, one of the tribes gets infected and the other has to learn new ways to fight in order to defeat the invading aliens. That’s exactly what happens in Army of Ages, a relatively short game for it’s millennial duration, but one that is extremely fun to play.

Basically, your goal in Army of Ages is to destroy the alien chive, but in order to do so you need to reach it – which is not exactly the easiest thing to do because it is protected by all sorts of alien bugs. Therefore, you must keep building units and fight the aliens, while trying to evolve until you have decent weapons and a real chance to destroy the mother alien.

In order to evolve, you need to collect XP points – you literally start in the stone age where you attack the aliens with stones and sticks and evolve to the future technology, going through all of human kind’s ages. So eventually you will sport laser robots and helicopters against the upgraded bugs of the aliens.

However, evolution is not that simple: you also need money to build units and upgrade them, and money are received by getting yourself some water. There are three water sources on the map and the farthest produces more money, but this also means that it’s deep in enemy territory, so you might find it difficult to get to it. Basically, the idea here would be to take it slow and eventually you will be able to reach it and have tons of money.

Except for the ages and tons of unit types (air and ground), we also have super powers that can be called to blast away some alien scum. These use up your XP points (and XP points are needed to evolve) so make sure you don’t use them too often because you might find yourself overpowered and it could be game over for human kind.

So all in all, even though Army of Ages is a relatively short game (it takes about 30 minutes to play and finish), it is extremely addictive and comes with a quality you rarely get in a flash game. So head over to Armor Games and play Army of Ages right away!