There are many places I loved escaping from in escape the room games, but a Bar is clearly one of the last things I would like to get out of. However, for the sake of cool gameplay and smart puzzles, I will give it a try in Escape from the Bar, today’s highly recommended escape the room game over here on Unigamesity.

Created by well known room escape developer Tesshi-e, Escape from the Bar has everything you might want from such a game: lush surroundings, smart puzzles and overall some great quality.

Don’t expect it to be easy – on the contrary! There are some pretty difficult puzzles in the game, especially the wobbly-corner picture puzzle, but most of them are pretty logical and nice and eventually you will be able to solve them all, even without a walkthrough.

So if you want a nice challenge and overall a nice escape the room game today, you should definitely try out Escape from the bar (scroll down after clicking the link to get to the game)!

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