What do you think you’d do if there was a nuclear missile heading your way and all you had to flee was a truck? Well, you’d certainly hop in that truck and drive it like crazy, trying to destroy everything that stands in your way to freedom and hope for the best. Basically, this is what you will have to do in Nuclear Outrun, a very cool physics-based flash game that I invite you to play today.

The added difficulty comes from the fact that you can manually control the truck (and take care of all the driving) and I am sure you’ll want to do that immediately after completing the first run on autopilot.

Nuclear Outrun manages to impress even though, if I think about the game, the visuals are not jaw-dropping and the concept itself is not entirely original. But somehow this game manages to keep you glued to the screen, trying to save as many trucks as possible (from a maximum of 20) and is so rewarding and excellent that nothing else matters.

You also have upgrades that you can purchase for your car (better engine, spikes to destroy everything that stands in the way and even extra passengers) as well as some customization options of the trucks themselves to make them better for the terrain and obstacles.

And basically, all you have to do is to be faster than the nuclear missile. This means that while you drive (or while the AI drives for you if you enable this), you have to destroy all obstacles that stand in the way, usually in the form of dead bodies. However, ammunition is limited and there’s a lot of obstacles to overcome, so smart playing is required.

If it sounds too simple to be true, then be my guest and head over to Kongregate to try Nuclear Outrun for yourself. Have fun!