Today, I will show you a classic yet fairly recent browser game titled Happy Wheels. Created by Jim Bonacci and Jack Zankowski and then developed by Fancy Force, this game is still updated now and then.

Before starting, I have to admit that it’s a bit difficult to review Happy Wheels becauseits uniqueness depends on each different experience. However, since I enjoyed this game for a long time, I found some outstanding features that can excite anyone, whether or not this is their first time.

And I believe that Happy Wheels is truly a “happy” game for you to play.

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Happy WheelsGameplay

The main request of the game is to guide one of four characters to ride on an assigned route in order to reach the finishing point safely.

First of all, you need to pick up your character amongst an old man on a wheelchair, a businessman on a Segway, a father on his bike with his child, and a fat woman on her trolley. Then, start guiding the character to move forward and backward or jump forward and backward to overcome obstacles and finish each route successfully.

Let’s start at Happy Green Hills first

Although it sounds like other racing games, I bet you will be surprised for gory scenes if you unluckily make the character fall or crash on somewhere.

What I enjoyed on Happy Wheels

# My unforgettable impressions
I’m sure that most of the players agree that it was too difficult right from the beginning. Just started the first level, ran a few meters, suddenly fell down a pit or had a bomb, and the worse thing was that the character’s body was broken into many pieces and scattered everywhere. Of course, I had no idea what happened first.

Another impression is the unique thing that makes this game gory and horrible. As long as your character still has a few of parts to the head and body to direct the wheels, you can continue playing. It’s quite thrilling, but useful for some situations. For instance, there are some obstacles that you cannot avoid; however, this impact just breaks one leg of the character or makes him bloody. So, it’s okay to continue until your body is broken into pieces.

# Tricky routes
The next thing makes Happy Wheels more challenging to play is all about the routes. Your movement will enhance when you run,especially it increases quicker when going downhill. And this makes you easily slip and fall.

So, depending on each route, you need to make a quick decision to control the character to move fast or slow.

# Important controls
Although the game offers 4 main buttons to control, the 2 keys to jump are very important. It’s because they can help to control your character’s movement while maintaining the balance, especially when you’re on air.

Use the jump keys skillfully when the man is on air

# Deadly Traps
Discovering a variety of traps in Happy Wheels is not an easy job. And you have to play dozens of times to know thoroughly. For example, some routes are covered with the bombs at the beginning. And it’s easy for you to touch it and die right away. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t overcome the level successfully. There are always many ways to beat as long as you move cautiously, rapidly and accurately.

In my opinion. the best way to attain a success in each level is that you have to lose numerous lives.

Graphics and sounds
When it comes to graphics, they are basically simple. The only graphic that Happy Wheels is famous is the gore and blood of the characters when they get into troubles. Meanwhile, the sound seems to do a better job. When your character is hurt, he plays a sound, either randomly selected or one specifically relied on of what part of the character was damaged.

Though, I prefer to have in-game music because it will be more exciting.

Happy Wheels is not for kids
Seemingly, Happy Wheels looks like a normal game where you just guide the character to move from A to B on a Segway and try to overcome some puzzles in order to reach the end successfully. Of course, it’s not. This game involves horrible dismemberment and death. For this reason, it is already rated +17.

That’s why it’s totally inappropriate to the kids. If you are looking for the best kid games, i would suggest This site offers a lot of fun games for kids.

Final thoughts
If not mentioning to this issue, Happy Wheels is interesting and fun to play. This is extremely entertaining and better than any game in its niche. Just make sure you know how to catch the right timing and speed while passing through every level.

Score a win after overcoming BMX_Park II

And the most interesting thing is that you can download Happy Wheels for your Android or iOS if you want to relish anytime you want. The gameplay, graphics, sound, and controls, all make this game worth it.

Since you decide to play, I’m sure Happy Wheels will keep you entertained all day.