Sometimes, it’s nice to relax and unwind by playing a light game that doesn’t involve you having to be too involved. This is a harder bill to fit than you might think; most light games that fit that description are lame and not entertaining in the slightest, especially for avid gamers.

If you’ve been looking for a light game that’s easy to figure out and play, but also challenging and entertaining, look no further than the new amazing game. This game offers fun game play, a light challenge, and has one simple goal. It’s remarkably easy just to pick up and play at any point. Through this article, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about Tunnel Rush, a little bit about why we love it, and a little bit more about why you’ll love it, too.

What’s the game play like?

The rules and basic goal of this game is very simple. When the race starts, the track will begin spinning and you’ll notice, as you progress through the track, that obstacles will appear in your way. Your goal is to move the track by using the left and right arrow keys to avoid the obstacles. Sure, this sounds simple, but it’s harder than you might think. As you progress through the track, you move quicker and the obstacles become more challenging and increase in frequency. This makes the game more challenging, but there are a few other things that contribute to its entertainment value and we’ll walk you through them in later sections. This is a one player game, so you won’t have to worry about other players stressing you out and ending your game early.

What unique challenges does Tunnel Rush offer?

This game is fast paced and uniquely challenging. This strategic dodging game offers quite a few challenges beyond just dodging the obstacles. The first challenge you face is trying to see the obstacles as they come at you at high speeds. This is challenging because the rotating backdrop is full of cool technicolor and psychedelic images; this makes it difficult to see the spaces in which you need to move to avoid the obstacles. This is especially challenging when the backdrop goes from busy black and white patterns to more psychedelic rainbow patterns, as the red just blends right in. The further you progress on the track, the faster you begin to move, making it even harder to navigate around the obstacles quickly.

Why should you play this game?

Sometimes, you just want a game that’s easy to figure out, where you can just jump straight into the gameplay and have fun. These simple games tend to be lamer and not involve much of a challenge, but that’s not the case with Tunnel Rush. This game offers a unique challenge through basic objectives and controls. It’s a single player game, so you can enjoy it on your own without having to put up with other people on the internet, which, inevitably, always leads to more stress. This game is definitely well constructed, entertaining, and fun to watch. You’ll find yourself playing it for hours on end, just trying to beat your best score.

Where can you play Tunnel Rush?

There are a variety of gaming sites that offer Tunnel Rush that you can play online, but you can’t always trust those sites; you don’t want to end up with a virus on your computer, after all. If you play the game here, you can not only enjoy safe, easy access to your game, but also a walk-through demonstration so you can get a feel for the game before what you do counts.

The new game, Tunnel Rush, offers a simple game with a basic goal and basic controls, but entertaining challenges that hold hours of entertainment within them. You’ll find yourself hooked after your first play through, continuously trying to beat your best time. If you’ve been looking for a quality game that’s easy to just pick up and unwind with at any point, look no further than Tunnel Rush. Their fun game play, exciting challenges, and visually stimulating display will have you hooked for sure.