Tigers are, without a doubt, some of the most beautiful, fearsome, and strong creatures to ever grace the planet. Their presence draws both fascination and fear from humans, while their status in the animal kingdom demands compliance and respect. These are creatures that most humans dream of being if they could ever be an animal.

The Tiger Simulator 3D game gives gamers the chance to “become” a gorgeous, brawny beast—complete with customizations to make these creatures your own on Poki.

The Objectives and Need-to-Knows

Tiger Simulator 3D is a simple, cool game that gives you the experience of being a unique wildcat. This comes with the objectives of one of those feisty wilderness felines—to feed, to dominate, to survive, and to evolve. Those are your objectives. You stroll through the jungles, always on guard, to fulfill a base need that comes from animal instinct.

To make it more fun, there are challenges and quests throughout the wilderness. Find the animals with green exclamation points above their heads. These creatures will dole out your challenges, many of which require you to prove yourself to the rest of the animal kingdom. For instance, in one challenge you have to swim through disappearing gold hoops to increase your strength and boost your stamina.

Tiger Simulator 3D is ALL About Uniqueness and Customizations

Known for their fierceness and beauty, tigers come in a variety of wow-worthy colors. However, you’ve probably never seen a brilliant blue tiger. Or, a purple tiger with lightning stripes. No, those kinds of tiger breeds are reserved specifically for the Tiger Simulator 3D.

This game is ALL about bringing your own uniqueness and customization to your tiger character. As you delve into the game, you will earn points and coins that you can use to purchase customizations that make your tiger stand out from the others. For instance, you could change the colors of it’s fur and stripes. Or, you could take it a step further with a witchy hat, a bowler beanie, a tribal mask, or a thorny, vibrant crown.

The Best Controls and Place to Play

As for the best place to play Tiger Simulator 3D, Poki is a secure platform for a safe, positive gaming experience.

The controls are simple with the use of your keyboard and mouse. Use WASD to move your tiger forwards, backwards, and side to side. The spacebar is great for jumps, but double-tap when you want to leap a little higher. The click of your right mouse button allows you to easily scroll through messages and options.

Does Your Tiger Have a Pack? Or, Are You a Loner?

Wild tigers usually travel in packs of their own design. Dominant tigers often split from their born packs to begin packs of their own. But there have been a few documented cases of lone tigers, especially those species that are close to extinction.

In Tiger Simulator 3D, you could be a loner, but the game works best when you work together with your pack to achieve your goals. Your pack is pre-determined and scattered through the wilderness. These fellow tigers are often guides on your journey to become an apex predator. Trust in your pack and they will help you.

You can nurture and help your pack members by completing challenges to earn coins towards a level-up purchase for your tiger family. This could include strength, agility, hunting skills, and energies.

Tiger Simulator 3D is a Game of Patience and Time

The Tiger Simulator 3D game mimics the life of a tiger, to an extent. This means there’s a lot of walking through the jungles and making quick decisions based on the happenings around you. Some gamers are used to instant gratification and intense, action-packed gameplay. And while this game offers some instances of action-packed experience, there are some scenes where you simply get to know the habits of your tiger and your pack.

This game is one of patience and time. It takes time to gain coins and points. It takes time to use those coins and points to purchase customizations, level-ups, and animal kingdom superiority. And, in the same breath, it takes patience because this game isn’t one where you gain instant gratification. It takes some skill and growth to flourish as an amazing tiger and pack leader.

Coins + Points = Level-Ups and Evolutions

Tiger Simulator 3D has some fun bonuses, such as challenges, that you can complete to earn coins and points. These can be purchased towards making your tiger the best that it can be. Inclusive of the pack, of course. For every upgrade of strength, agility, and skill that you purchase, your tiger family gets the same upgrades. This means you and your pack will level up and evolve into stronger apex predators as a single, seamless unit.

As your purchase upgrades, the level-ups will become more expensive. For instance, the strength level-up begins at 40 coins. But, once purchased and utilized, the price jumps to accommodate the growth of your tiger. It’s supply and demand in the animal kingdom.