Did you know eggs can be addictive? Especially when they are decked out with combat weapons and thrown onto a 3D battlefield with other eggs from around the world. Shell Shockers is an interactive, multi-player, multi-platform game the combines classic first-person shooter concepts with a sense of eggy humor. It’s super-easy to get addicted to this game, and even easier to relish the time you spend shell-shocking your chicken-laid enemies.

How Do You Play? What are the Controls?

The controls for Shell Shockers are basic. You incorporate most of your computer elements in gameplay. For example, your WASD keys move you backwards, forwards, and side to side. The spacebar is there to help with small boosts and big jumps. To focus, look around, or aim, move your mouse, and press the right mouse button to shoot. You will also use your mouse buttons to cycle through characters, pick teams or free-for-all matches, and choose your servers. If you get a little lost controls-wise, there are bold reminders on the bottom-left of your screen.

Entering a game of Shell Shockers on Poki can be chaotic, especially during the busiest times of day, like lunch time or after school lets out. So, as soon as you enter, run for cover because you might, otherwise, be blown to smithereens. How do you play? Be quick, calm, collected, and shoot the eggs that cross your path. Hunt them down with your EggK-47, Dozen Gauge Shotgun, or CSG-1, and blast those shells into shards.

There are three main characters to choose from in the beginning of the game: Free Ranger, Soldier, or Scrambler. Each of these eggs has their own special abilities. For instance, Soldier’s EggK-47 has a solid, mid-range damage rate, heaps of firepower, and “okay” accuracy and range. Whereas, Free Ranger CSG-1 is slow to load and fire, but excellent in damage, accuracy, and range. The best thing to do is try them all and see which one works best with your gaming style.

The Objective of Shell Shockers

There are no clear-cut objectives to Shell Shockers other than shoot to kill and keep your own egg alive. As with most first-person shooters, this game is all about combat and skill without the stress of achieving a specific goal.

Of course, you can create your own objective by inviting your Facebook friends to play. Log in with your Facebook account, then invite your buds to a friendly, shell-blasting competition. Choose the kind of private game you want—either Free for All or Teams, then choose a character egg that you know can win against your friends. Go predator on your pals and strive to achieve the best score for bragging rights.

It May Be Frustrating at First…

As aforementioned, most of the gamers that play Shell Shockers have been playing for a few months now. Ergo, they are seasoned pros when it comes to shattering shells with a round or two of quick firepower. When you first play, it might be a bit frustrating because you could get shot as soon as you spawn for the first time. …And then every single time after that until you learn to run and duck for cover before you do anything else. Or, you could just take this advice and go in with guns a-blazing.

Scrambled, Beat, Whipped, Fried, or Cracked?

An important thing to remember about Shell Shockers is you should show no mercy. When you defeat an opponent, your username pops up on their screen to let them know that you’re the one that sent their shells scattering in all directions. This means you have scrambled, beat, whipped, fried, or cracked them with your high-powered rounds of shell-shocking ammunition.

Yes, there are TONS of egg puns in this game, but that’s what makes it so much fun. If you want to add something a little eggs-tra special to your gameplay, come up with a funny, “punny” username to display to your competitors. This is a game where sense of humor is appreciated as much as combative skill.

Where Can You Play Shell Shockers?

Shell Shockers are available on multiple game sites, but Poki is, by far, one of the best. Their platform is expansive, secure, and safe, allowing you to play for hours from anywhere at any time—so long as you have internet access. Most of their games, Shell Shockers included, come with walkthrough videos and detailed descriptions, letting you learn about and read up on a game before you try it.

Plus, when you get bored with Shell Shockers [which is hard to do], you can browse and play through the other awesome games on Poki. They have LOADS of games, each separated into a respective category that are fun and free for all ages.