It’s finally here; the moment you have been waiting for since you played the third edition to the MotoX3M series has finally arrived, the release of Moto X3M 4 – The Winter Edition and it’s better than we expected. This game offers new level layouts, new obstacles, and new seasonal themes. You won’t be disappointed in the great additions they made, as they didn’t leave out any of the great features the original had. If you loved the original as much as we did, you’ve probably played it more times than you can count; imagine having the same great game with new and challenging obstacles. The creators of MotoX3M clearly get what gamers want in their free online games and they deliver. This game is incredibly fun, worth your time, and a great addition to the MotoX3M series. We’ll break down everything you need to know about this game in the article that follows.

You won’t be disappointed with this newest edition
As with the rest of this series, this game is one that certainly won’t disappoint. It offers the same challenging game play you’re used to and already love with new obstacles and new levels. The release of this game allows you to play the same great game you love but have new content; it’s a win, win. Plus, with the new wintery spin on this edition, you’ll be excitedly awaiting the next snow day. This game definitely delivers on content and obstacles true gamers want in free online games; you won’t be disappointed with giving it a chance and playing it.

What’s different
In the newest edition, they changed up the display quite a bit. Rather than looking like a dirt motocross track, the background is a winter wonderland, complete with snowmen, Christmas trees, and red-and-white-striped tracks that resemble candy canes. They also added some great new level layouts so everything looks different but the avatar you control. New level layouts also means new challenges you’ll have to face and new tracks you get to enjoy, letting you play the same great game you love but with new content. Lastly, they added some new challenging obstacles. With all this new stuff, you’ll feel like you’re playing a brand-new game that’s just like your favorite game; what could be better?

Should you play the winter edition or stick to the original?
We think the newest edition is definitely worth your time to try. It offers new layouts with the same great game play and concept to the game that you loved to begin with. It has great new obstacles that you haven’t had to face before, giving you new challenges to take on and beat. It’s a fun way to get in the mood for the winter season or to just pass the time. It’s a great snow day activity to occupy your time in the cold days of January to come. This game is definitely not a waste of time and is sure to be fun. While the original is great, if you’ve played it a million times like we have because you love it, you’ll love having the same game play but new content and obstacles. We definitely recommend giving the new edition a chance.

The latest version of Moto X3M has finally hit the internet and it definitely delivers. The creators have brought you all new obstacles, level layouts, and challenges to face. You’ll love having more content and new obstacles you haven’t had to beat before. The new content offered feels like an extension of your favorite game. It’s definitely worth your time to give it a try. It’s easy to play, free, and easy to access online. You won’t be sorry you gave this game a chance, we’re sure of it.