There’s hardly anything better to pass your free time than the fun of a slot game. Up until a few years ago, anyone interested in gambling and having a bit of excitement would need to venture out to a casino—a feat that could take them hours away depending on where they lived. Today, however, you can enjoy the fun of the slots from the comfort of your own home by simply getting online and finding a reputable virtual casino. Once you register, you’ll be ready to have real, heart-pumping fun without having to step outside your door, or even get up out of bed on a lazy weekend!

Another great thing about online slot machines is that they are very colourful and immersive. As examples, we’ve collected five of the best online slot machines to be found so you can try your hand at one. All of these feature engaging graphics, fun music, and more to keep you entertained spin after spin! Let’s check them out…

The 5 Best Slot Games

All five of the below slot games are available at Planet 7 Casino, one of the top online casino options for anyone looking to bet real money (or just practice)! The great thing about Planet 7 Casino is that they have so many options for you to choose from in every game category, but when it comes to online slot games, these five really are the best across all platforms.

1. Purrfect Pets

This cutesy slot game is filled with adorable puppies and kittens to keep you spinning the reel! You can try it for free at Planet 7 Casino. Like all online slot games, this one can be used in two ways. The first way is in “Practice Mode” where you can play without betting any real cash. This is perfect for people who just want to pull the lever again and again and see how much “money” they can come up with. It’s also great for getting a feel for the slot machine before you actually begin playing. When you’re ready, start spinning for real cash!

2. Achilles

Sit in the city of Troy atop a wooden horse and enjoy this legendary slot game! Achilles will put you through various challenges as you fight shield and sword to win great prizes. Again, you should start out in practice mode where you can work on your spinning skills. When you’re ready to start betting for real, that’s when you can enter playing mode where you’ll be putting real cash on the table and facing the potential to win big!

3. Popinata

Who doesn’t love piñatas? You can experience the colourful fun of a fiesta with this party-themed slot game. Win grand prizes as you spin to the beat of the mariachi band! You’ll be up all night at this never-ending celebration. The whole theme adds so much more to the excitement, and it could end up putting a good amount of money in your pocket if you play the machine right.

4. T-Rex

With a 230-million-year-old T-Rex by your side, you’ll get to go on a Jurassic treasure hunt in this fast-paced, adventure-filled slot game. At the end of it all, you might be chomping down on some pretty awesome swag!

Of course, you’ll always want to bet responsibly and pace yourself. After all, these virtual slot machines are so much fun, it’s easy to let time escape you! But, with the right strategy under your belt, you can certainly come out on top and even win a little bit of money—and this machine is one of the most fun ways to win!

5. Cash Bandits

See how much loot you can scurry off with in this sneaky slot game. It’s perfect for anyone into action-filled gameplay, especially those who love playing cops and robbers! The time will fly by as you rack up your rewards. Start in practice mode and then see how much you can win once you start pulling for real cash and prizes! The adrenaline will be pumping as you steal your spot amongst the top players.

There is no shortage of fantastic slot games that you can play to pass the time! Whether you’re interested in playing slots in “Practice Mode” as a free and exciting way to hone your spinning skills or for real money when you’re in a heart-pumping, gambling mood, these online slot games are sure to cure your casino craving. Plus, being online, you can click away whenever you’re finished—and you can play from the comfort of your own home or even when you’re out!