Online slots can be a lot of fun, but they can also be quite stressful. Spin after spin you wait to see if you’ll land the jackpot, only to be faced with nothing. Now and then you can get a glimpse of hope and win a bit, but how long does that really last for?

If you’ve searched for tricks to help you beat online slot machines, you’ve likely come across hundreds of points. The problem though is finding ones that will give you results.

To help you make the most of your money and win as much as you can, try out some of our tips for playing online slot machines.

Look for No Deposit Bonuses
Online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses are basically giving you free money. A lot of the time they use them as a signing up bonus to draw you in. Still though, no matter how much it is, it’s more than what you started with.

Take a look at All Video Slots ( website. They list out all of the top online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses.

More Money Doesn’t Equal Better Chances
How often do you hear someone say that this machine will pay out soon because it’s been so long? With online slots, that doesn’t really work. Online slots will have random number generators so that every time you spin the reel, each spin is a new and unique event.

If you think that putting in more money will boost your odds of winning, you may want to reconsider that plan. No matter how much you put in, the random number generator will make sure you have the same chance of winning every time.

Progressive or Local Jackpots – Which One?
You’ll be faced with two types of jackpots – progressive and local. Progressive jackpots are the ones when the jackpot continues to increase as a large group of players compete to win. Local jackpots are for a specific casino, so the number of players are more limited.

For your best chance of winning, local jackpots are the way to go. You won’t be competing against nearly as many players. The downfall, though, the jackpots are smaller than the progressive ones.

Use Free Spins
Online casinos look for ways to draw in new customers and to keep them long-term. One way of doing that is by offering free spins. Just like the no deposit bonus, it a free chance to win some money. Take advantage of any free spins that pop up. You could win without putting a penny into the slot.

Should You Max Bet?
Here’s the million dollar question – do you go max bet? It’s tempting to go max bet because that increases the amount you can win. However, remember with the random number generator, more money doesn’t mean a better chance of winning.

A low volatility slot machine will pay out more often, but with smaller amounts. Your best to bet lower as you have a chance of winning more often. High volatility slot machines though, they don’t pay out as often. When they do though, they pay out more. With those, to get the most, you may want to bet a bit higher.

These tricks aren’t going to guarantee you a win every single spin. However, they can give you a better chance of winning and getting closer to the jackpot.