A Roulette with coins.

High rollers may expect the most generous gifts for crypto deposits. Operators encourage players to invest large sums in the game with different methods. What surprises does the casino have?

Secrets Of Crypto Casinos That Players Need To Know

BTC casinos are quickly gaining popularity, primarily facilitated by their bonus policy. Players open accounts and receive digital currency for registration, deposit, and other activity on the site. Current Bitcoin casino bonuses attract more and more clients each day. ORDB experts carefully check information about the rules of use and activation and create a list of the best crypto bookies with their profitable offers.

Main Terms In Games That Need To Be Remembered

As always and everywhere, the theoretical part is the essential thing that must be studied first because your luck doesn’t make an influence slot, as many inexperienced players believe.

The good news is the player is unlimited in his choice to try a different number of slots for spinning. After you spin the drum, all that remains is to wait for identical images on the selected lines. Based on the payout table, you can calculate the amount of the winnings. They are applied to each slot individually. The programmer creates it.

Every player should become familiar with a slot so it will be easier to win in the future. It indicates what amount you can hope for with the appearance of a successful game and specific symbols.


Slots in which you can bet on digital coins are diverse. It can be a game with reworked mechanics, adapted to cryptocurrency, and an exclusive new slot, which is precisely sharpened for betting on crypto. Therefore, before starting to play, it is better to study each emulator in demo mode. In licensed casinos, it is possible to place bets on virtual credits without restrictions.

The user will also have the opportunity to work with live dealers. This is the second most popular direction, where you can profitably bet on cryptocurrency and thus increase your digital savings. An ordinary smartphone is enough to connect to an online room with a live dealer. More than 60 lobbies regularly work in company clubs.

Slot machines for bitcoins, and BTC slots, are qualitatively different. The difference is in the configuration of the random number generator. In ordinary slots, there is a standard software algorithm. However, in RNG bitcoin video slots, everything is based on blockchain technology. In these emulators, everything is interconnected, and the gambler’s activity affects the probability of winning, as well as the size of the jackpot.

Crypto Casino Bonuses

Crypto-casinos often motivate new and regular players with exciting bonus offers. Gambling establishments develop starter packages, offer rewards for replenishing the account and everyday play, give free spins, and give out prizes for participation in tournaments. You can get an additional benefit if you meet all the casino conditions.

No-Deposit Bonus

Due to the high exchange rate volatility and digital currency price, no-deposit bonuses in crypto-casinos are rare. However, some gambling establishments still give cryptocurrency deposits but have higher requirements for wagering. For example, they provide high wagers, short terms for activation and use, and low-stakes games. If you are confident you can do it, you can try such a bonus.

Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus is a frequent promotion on BTC platforms. The bonus size can be different, but, as a rule, it is from 50 to 100% of the replenishment amount. The reward’s minimum and maximum amount depend on the gambling establishment’s generosity and the game’s terms. Usually, significant bonuses are more challenging to win than small incentives. But there are exceptions, so read the promotion conditions before activation.

Crypto Free Spins

Free spins are another common way to motivate players in crypto casinos. Often, such actions are held together with game developers, and free spins can be won in one or more slots of a specific provider. Sometimes a gambling establishment independently encourages clients. The number of free spins can be different – from 50 to 500. Again, it all depends on the bonus wagering conditions.

Exclusive Bonuses For Crypto Players

Active clients of Bitcoin casinos are encouraged with personal bonuses. Usually, information about exclusive bonuses is available in the corresponding section of the personal account. If you often play in the same gambling establishment, you can ask for an exclusive bonus by contacting the support service. Online casinos want to retain regular customers, so they often go the extra mile and offer personal rewards.

Game Symbols

Symbols are divided into four main categories. All of them are very similar to each other. This was done to confuse complicating the player’s life, so jumping from one machine to another is much easier.

  • Wild is the most straightforward bonus. If, in one line, all the symbols are identical and one of them is Wild, then the player gets everything according to the calculation. The amount becomes more extensive with the presence of several Wild bonuses in the line;
  • Expanding Wilds – expanding Wilds brings huge cash dividends to the entire line of icons;
  • Stacked Wilds are a kind of Wild particle. Its meaning is that it appears on several cells and allows you to collect a unique, rarer combination. The profit will be much higher than the one the player had planned;
  • Scatter is a rarity during the game. Open it and earn in the bonus game along the way.

Player Bet Levels

There are different types of bets. The bet level helps choose the device itself, and it will be used to calculate the total profit in the case of a lucky line.

That is why it is essential not to waste the first spins and calculate the budget. Naturally, the higher the level, the higher the chance of receiving a nice dividend.


It is the most complex and incomprehensible definition for many players. But thanks to volatility, the players have dividends for successful combinations. It can be perceived as a theoretical income, so beginners often need clarification about these concepts.

This indicator is responsible for the ups and downs in the game. Volatility is defined relatively easily. But, most often, this is determined by experienced players in practice during the actual game on one or another slot for money. For example, if the winnings are frequent, but their sizes are small, you have a machine with low volatility. These machines do not give big winnings, but they do not have such a concept as a “big loss” without a single payout. With significant volatility, you have the opposite situation – winnings are rare but in impressive amounts.

But people who have been doing it for a long time and are used to taking risks know that you need to know how to wait for a more significant sum and prefer machines with much higher volatility. On rarer lines, you will win much more than anywhere else simply because of the calculation that similar values occur less often. But this is a significant compensation for the money invested in the slots, but more is needed to give a 100% probability.

In different states, the minimum value of RTP is always determined by legislation approved at the local level. Thanks to this, the return percentage is the most important indicator that should never be neglected. The return percentage shows the amount and sets the characteristics of the funds that will be returned to the player after he makes the bets.

Author-David Patterson