Before the internet gambling community became available to the people all around the world, live casinos were the only legal place where the gambling occurred. The only option was to play for real money, and there was no such thing as “Free Version”.

Nowadays all kinds of gambling games can be accessed on the internet easily: video poker, blackjack, slot machines, roulette, bingo.

Unless you play online slot machines for real money and playing in person, there is no reason to leave the comfort of your home at all. Entrance, registration, deposits, withdrawal and all of the necessary steps can be done on the PC, or any other device in just a few minutes.

There are many ads popping up on websites representing a specific game or a casino which gives free money with the possibility to win millions of dollars. Some people might find those ads sketchy, while some people trust them. In fact, there are no lies in those advertisements, those bonuses and possible winnings do exist, and that is why they are presented in a small ad as their best attribute.

Can Gambling Become a Constant Source Of Income?

Sources of income are usually meant to represent something that is making you money constantly. That is why gambling cannot become a constant source of income. Going to work and spending 40 or more hours weekly doing it guarantees you the payment at the end of the week or a month, unlike the gambling.

In order to gamble for real money, it is not even required to deposit at first as some casinos provide welcome bonuses, where the newly registered players get some amount of cash to spend. It is important to read terms & conditions as there are always some conditions regarding when the bonus money can be withdrawn. After that, the player is required to invest his own money. Even then the casinos give deposit bonuses, boosting the initial amount invested.

The most important factor affecting the gambling system, and something every gambler needs to know about, is RTP. RTP is a Return To Player which represents the theoretical percentage of invested money that is going to be returned to a player. In theory, if a player deposits $1.000, and the RTP is at 95%, after some time the player will be left with $950.

That is only a theory and if there are thousand people registered and playing at the specific casino or a machine, the sum of their investments will be returned randomly. That is why someone loses everything, and someone else wins huge jackpots.

The word “Randomly” is very important in this context and it is the reason why no one should rely on gambling as a constant source of income. It can be a onetime emolument, whether it is a lot of cash or just a little bit of profit, but keep in mind that random is never constant.

Top 5 Rules When Gambling for Real Money

1. Never gamble drunk – It is okay to have a drink or two while playing your favorite machine, but if you feel dizzy, it is probably best to either stop or switch to a free version. Do not let yourself regret the decisions in the morning.

2. Do not gamble more than you can afford to lose – Probably the most important rule of gambling. Set the budget each time before you start playing and even resist the temptation to spend more than you initially decided to spend.

3. Gamble safe and responsible – Only register to the best rated and most popular casinos. There is a good reason why they are trusted by people, as there are many scams out there.

4. Read terms & conditions – Each casino has its own TOS so make sure to check that out before the registration and depositing process.

5. Do not get into debt – This goes along with the second rule, as it is important only to spend the amount you are most comfortable with, and since the winning is not guaranteed at all, debts can only drag you into more debt and more problems.

Gamble for Fun

There is a good reason why all of the machines are called games. They are meant to entertain people and possibly make someone the happiest person in the world by winning a jackpot. It is important to realize that the machines are out there to make money for the people who made it in the first place and they do so in a great manner by providing fun and entertainment.

Think of it as a ride in the amusement park – You pay to enter the ride, have lots of fun and then leave, but maybe you are a lucky winner of a free ride or some bigger prize such as the whole day for free. That is exactly how the gambling works.

We do not talk here about professionals who indeed make money because the gambling is their passion and job. Poker, for example, has lots of professionals who have built huge careers gambling, but even though they know all the strategies, sometimes the cards just won’t be on their side. On the other hand, they have sponsors who usually pay for their participation in the tournaments and their tournament prizes are invested in other stuff which becomes a constant source of income.

If you wish to pursue a professional career as a gambler, it is important to study, dedicate and find another job before that career becomes serious. That is the advice all current professionals give to anyone who wants to take their path.

Follow the rules, do not get stressed or depressed if you lose, or too excited if you win, because both of those lead to some possible bad decisions in the future. Make sure to enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible.