Gatiko is a really bizarre escape the room game, but also an incredibly well done one and that is exactly the reason why I must recommend it to you all. You simply have to play it as a break from all those crappy escape the room titles that started to flood the internet a long while ago.

But Gatiko is different. The first thing you will notice is that it has some really solid graphics, something you rarely see in an escape the room game. It also has quite a few characters to interact with, which again is something different for an escape the room title.

But most important are the puzzles here. Don’t expect anything easy, as most of the puzzles are pretty hardcore and to be honest, I considered quite a few mind boggling. But for such a great experience, with some twists packed in for variety, you will really do your best to beat Gatiko and finish the game.

So wait no more and head over here to play Gatiko right now!