Haunted Halloween Escape walkthrough here! As it always happen, we’re going to get our fair share of Halloween-themed escape the room games this month and Haunted Halloween Escape is one of the better titles released for the escape the room fanatics. This also means that the game is pretty difficult to complete, but I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough for it, so let’s check it out together!

Here is the Haunted Halloween Escape walkthrough guide:

1. Note the X on the Ground. Zoom in the cauldron and get two bats from the jack-o-lanterns near it.
2. Go right. Take the third bat from the window to the right, then zoom in on the middle window and notice the flying patterns: witch from right to left, ghost from bottom to top, bat from left to right, spider from top to bottom.
3. Zoom out and look on the floor: get a spider when you see it. Zoom in on the drawers under the window and get bat and knife from the left drawer.
4. The right drawer’s lock is locked. You see the creatures from the previous window, so set them up to match the directions: ghost up, bat right, spider down, witch left. Open the drawer and get pliers and 5th Bat.
5. Go back and move right. Get a new Bat from the cactus and move the photo above the gravestone in order to get 7th Bat and ghost catcher.
6. Use the knife on the pumpkins to carve them. Then note the shapes of the eyes: triangle, square, circle, star.
7. Go right and click the right cushion to get 8th Bat. Get meteorite below the cage and get the sword from the wall.
8. Zoom in on the skeleton. Use the sword to get the cross and take a new bat from the lamp at the back of the skeleton.
9. Go right and get some candy from the bowl under the mirror. Also, get a new bat from the jack-o-lantern.
10. Go right once more. Zoomin on the coffin and use the code from the pumpkins: triangle, square, circle, star. You have Bat 11 there and a vampire that can be weakened with the cross.
11. Go back and right and put the ghost catcher on the X under the desk and wait to get the ghost. Open the left drawer and get a new Bat plus a key. Get the bonesaw from the right drawer.
12. The scroll for the Escape Potion – we don’t have the ingredients yet, so jut take the jar in the middle (it’s in the eye of Newt).
13. Go back and twice to the right. Open the door with the key and get a new Bat, plus there is a Reaper there. He will leave a jar of toad essence, so take it.
14. Go right and use the saw on the skeleton’s hand.
15. Go right three times and open the middle drawer with the code (number of lanterns, cats, skulls and spiders): 9476. Take a mallet from there and a stake.
16. Go left and use the new items to kill the vampire, then get his fangs with the pliers.
17. The hint is in the code: BEFITS written with caps, meaning that this is the correct order. So make tho potion using the ingredients in the following order: Bones (skeleton hand), Eye of Newt, Fangs, Iron meteorite, Toad essence and Spider.
18. Get the key and use it on the doors twice to the left. There’s a vampire there – give him candy and you can exit!

And this is it! You have completed the Haunted Halloween Escape walkthrough and are certainly a happier person!