Chillingo have made it this time! They have released an amazing iOS-exclusive title, Pixel People, a game that reshapes the way you play city building sims and turns you into a maniac. Not because you use your own clones to rebuild the world (or maybe exactly this is the real reason!), but because it offers so many bits of crunchy goodness, that you simply can’t stop.

The idea in Pixel People is pretty simple: you have to rebuild the world which was apparently destroyed somehow, but most of the knowledge and human DNA was lost in the process. But there is you, the super-mega-ultra person who can be cloned over and over again, mixed with DNA samples and ready to bring a new planet to life.

In gameplay terms, this means that you will combine 2 types of Pixel People in a building called the “Arrival Center” and if you are lucky enough (there are indicators on the screen, so you won’t go for blind tries), you will have a brand new type of person to populate your utopia. And this – the discovery of new jobs, combined with a huge sense of humor and pop culture references everywhere, makes the game so incredibly amazing.

Even better, Pixel People is available for download from iTunes for free and you really owe it to your megalomaniac self to download the game and give it a try. You will be hooked for sure!