guess the millenniumA new trivia game has been launched on the iOS platform, titled Guess the Millennium. Created by Conversion LLC, the game has a very simple concept that we’ve seen done over and over again: you see an image and using a pre-defined set of letter, you must write the correct answer by identifying the image.

What makes Guess the Millennium stand out from the crowd, except for the lack of aggressive, annoying pop-ups and other types of advertising, is the fact that it brings back to us some of the coolest, funnest and funniest moments, trends and celebrities of the recent years, from Miley Cyrus to skinny jeans and everything in between.

So the game is perfect for a five minute break – or a marathon of playing, trying to remember all the cool and sometimes not-that-cool things of the start of the Millennium. And if you ever get stuck playing the game, check out AppAmped for all the answers. In the end, who can remember everything about the past decade?