We’re back with the Doggie Let Me Out walkthrough for the iPhone and iPad game and in this article we’re going to check out the Doggie Let Me Out walkthrough for level 9 and level 10. Things are getting a bit more complicated, so hopefully this complete guide will help you get rid of that cute but apparently extremely dangerous dog.

Don’t forget that we have also published the Doggie Let Me Out walkthrough for the previous three levels, make sure to check them out too if you have trouble completing the levels. And now let’s move on and check out the Level 9 and 10 solution to Doggie Let Me Out.

Doggie Let Me Out Walkthrough: Level 9

doggie let me out level 09 walkthrough

Notice the colors over the window: white, yellow, blue, green, red. Tap the cabinet under the sink and use this order to unlock it.

Take the piece of paper with a simple puzzle:

doggie let me out level 10 walkthrough

After doing the math, we get the code 569. Use it to open the cabinet to the right, with the pink lock. Get the handle.

Tap the plant and get the key. Use it to unlock the top right drawer and you will see a paper with a code: A1 D4.

Tap the top of the table and tap to zoom in to the piece of paper. A1 D4 would be 96.

Tap the top cabinets and add the handle to the missing spot. Open the door and enter the code 96. Get the dog toy and use it to exit.

Doggie Let Me Out Walkthrough: Level 10

doggie let me out level 11 walkthrough

Tap the table and notice the vase with “rose” written on it and the year 1997 on the book. Tap the phone and unlock it using the 1997 code. Notice the different types of cakes:

doggie let me out level 12 walkthrough

Tap the top right cabinet and use the correct order of cakes to open it. Tap the tea pot and get a piece of puzzle.

Tap the top shelf and get a blue key that’s near the milk bottle. Tap the drawers to the right and open the top one with the key. Get another puzzle piece from the box.

Notice the colors of the jars on the shelf: green, yellow, blue and red. Tap the top left cabinet and open it with this code. Get another piece of puzzle from behind the bottles.

Tap the right cabinet and unlock it using the rose passcode. Get the fish net from there and use it on the aquarium to get the 4th puzzle piece.

Zoom in to the puzzle near the door, add the pieces you’ve got and solve it. Tap it to get a cutter.

Zoom in to the cabinet next to the puzzle an use the cutter to cut the lock. Get the toy, give it to the dog and exit.

And this is it! We have now completed Doggie Let Me Out levels 9 and 10 and I really hope that you found our help useful!