Doggie Let Me Out is a really nice and inventive escape the room game – a funny one too since the reason why you can’t leave the room is a cute looking dog. But cute or not, the game is really difficult and I am here to share with you a complete Doggie Let Me Out walkthrough for all levels and we’ll start with Levels 6, 7 an 8 below, complete with all details that you need to know in order to beat this iOS game. It will be fun!

So let’s check out the walkthrough for Doggie Let Me Out below!

Doggie Let Me Out walkthrough: Level 6

doggie let me out level 06 walkthrough

Tap on top of the counters and get a piece of pencil.

Tap the sink and take the sharpener from the floor. Drag it over the pencil.

Tap the kitchen island and use the pencil with the post it note. You will see the password (7351)

Tap the top left cabinet and use the password to open it. Get the knife.

Tap the fridge and use the knife on the cake. Get the key.

Tap the bottom left drawers and use the key to open the top drawer. Get the scissors

Tao the top right cabinet and use the scissors to cut the lock. Get the doggie toy and give it to the dog so you can exit.

Doggie Let Me Out walkthrough: Level 7

doggie let me out level 07 walkthrough

Tap the shelves on the wall and get a blue key from the orange jar. Tap the desk and use the key with the top right drawer – get the laptop’s battery.

Tap the top left cabinets and zoom in to the puzzle – complete it and get the remote control.

Tap the trash bin under the desk and get the batteries. Use them with the remote control and use the remote to turn on the TV. You will see the code: 7142.

Tap the top of the desk ans zoom in on the Mac. Use the battery with it, then tap to turn it around and enter the password: 7142. You will see some fruits: Apple, Pomegranate, Lemon, Strawberry.

Tap the top drawer with the fruits on it and tap each fruit until you get the correct order I’ve written above. Get the toy.

Notice the colors of the bottles on the top shelf? Purple, Red, Green and Blue. Tap the cabinet near the over and use these colors to open the door. Get the handle and use it with the toy. Give the toy to the dog and you’re out!

Doggie Let Me Out walkthrough: Level 8

doggie let me out level 08 walkthrough

Tap the big slice of cheese and get a knife. Tap the right shelves and get a key.

Tap the left shelves and get a pair of mittens from the top shelf.

Tap the oven and use the mittens to open it. Use the knife on the chicken and notice a code: 4852.

Tap the locked cabinets above the oven and use the code to open them. Notice a jar with number 6 on it.

Tap the kitchen utensils and notice their colors:

doggie let me out level 09 walkthrough

Zoom in to the top of the fridge and tap the buttons to get the code on the utensils. Open the freezer and notice the number 9 on red can.

Zoom in to the cabinet under the cheese and use the key to open it. Notice a green number 7.

Zoom in to the cabinets above and enter the correct code: 976. Open the cabinet, get the dog’s toy and you’re out.

And this is it! We have now completed three new levels in Doggie Let Me Out and we’re ready for a brand new challenge. Stay tuned with Unigamesity, as we’ll post the solution to all levels soon!

UPATE: We have published the walkthrough for 2 more levels, make sure to check them out!