A few days ago, Squirrel Media launched an interesting Kickstarter campaign.  The game is called Headbutt and it’s their version of a pub trivia game brought to your iOS device.  What makes this different from all the other trivia games out there?  It’s simple; head to head play with your friends.

On their project page, Squirrel Media offers some incite as to what they think will make their game successful.  First is the ability to make search engines a non-factor.  They state that the game will use something they call ‘asynchronous live play.’  What this means is that each question pops up on your device independent of your opponent and of course you must get the trivia question correct but your results are also timed.  Second is compiling an interesting and diverse question database for the game for which Squirrel Media is claiming they’ve hired actual trivia hosts as consultants.  Third is using the abilities of the device you’re playing on.  Simple multiple choice answers might get boring after awhile, but using swiping, shaking, tapping, and all the other ways you can interact with your gadget will spice things up.  Here is a direct quote from the developers:

Each game has 10 questions, each with its own ‘interactive mini game.’ We have applied all the user interface, graphics, and animation skills we have learned over the years into making lots of question types that test both your knowledge and your finger dexterity.

Bonuses for contributions range from a simple thank you to t-shirts to in game advertising.  With interest already shown only a few days into the campaign, this one might just make it.  Link to the campaign below: