crush-the-castleI have spent the past 30 minutes shooting a trebuchet, killing more kings and queens and royal guards than any real chevalier did in his entire life. In other words, yes, Crush the Castle is addictive. What is Crush the Castle? A physics-based flash game that can be played for free if you follow the link at the end.

Although not at all original in concept, since there are many other similar catapult-shooting, physics based titles out there, Crush the Castle wins its battle against competitors with an easier to handle gameplay and much less math: in other words, it’s all click and play, and that’s it. If you wish, you can finish this free flash game by using the immortal “trial and error” technique, or you could really calculate a bit and finish most of the levels in one shot.

Quite easy at first, when you get to know the basics and get used with the easy control scheme, Crush the Castle becomes quite challenging in the later stages – I didn’t manage to get over the 17th, castle, for example. But I’m going to try some more and I’m also preparing a Crush the Castle walkthrough, so come back here if you get stuck!

Until then, though, you can try it for yourself by clicking here. You won’t regret a single stone you’ll launch towards the enemy king!

UPDATE: The Crush The Castle Walkthrough and Tips article is up, make sure to check it out if you get stuck!