rougoku-screenIf you enjoyed yesterday’s Japanese free flash game of the day, Mars TD, you will most certainly enjoy today’s game too since it’s another Japanese one, although this time we’re talking about an escape the room type of game. Named Rougoku, this little jewel has been out on the market for a little while, but you might have missed it!

And it was indeed a bad miss, since Rougoku is a true, classic and classy escape the room game in which puzzles are very logical, yet complex, and there’s really just one room you have to get out from.

Also, today’s flash game of the day is a very straightforward one, so to say: it has a minimalist, almost depressing approach to the genre: it’s you (whoever that is) in a prison cell, with one huge metal door waiting to be opened. That’s it. No intro, no stories, no bling-bling! Just pure gameplay, puzzles – smart yet generally easy puzzles – and nothing more.

Although due to its simplicity and minimalist approach to the genre Rougoku will probably not be long remembered by those who played it, it certainly deserves the flash game of the day award: you can rarely find so real and lifelike escape the room games nowadays!

So check it out by following the link and expect a full Rougoku walkthrough in no time!

UPDATE: The step by step Rougoku walkthrough is available on the website!