morningstarEven if you are not a fan of flash games, you will still love Morningstar because it looks more like a genuine, full budget first person adventure game than your regular “escape the room” game. And it’s a real pleasure playing it – it has a pretty solid voice acting, cut scenes and high quality graphics. A true jewel that can be played for free in your browser!

As I said, even though it is considered an “escape the room” game, it is very complex and lengthy that we can easily say it’s actually a first person point and click adventure that challenges you to… escape a planet! And trust me when I say it’s not going to be a breeze!

Usually, the puzzles in Morningstar are relatively easy and under no way too fantasist – if you have a stuck door, you use a wrench to open it, if you have a loose panel you use a screwdriver on it and so on, so don’t expect to be stuck with stupid things like “using a bird with the water and balloon to turn it into a frog.” No, Morningstar is a true, high quality puzzle game. And I completely recommend it to those who love a challenging and quite lengthy (for a flash game) adventure. You can try the game here and if you get stuck, you can check out the Morningstar video review below: