Rainbow Six SiegeRainbow Six: Siege is getting a big patch today which us hoping to improve the hit detection, balancing issues and attempts to help reduce the amount of intentional team-killing.

With regards to the latter of these fixes, with Ubisoft saying they have implemented some parameters to help identify the difference between accidental and intentional team (and hostage) killings, and will automatically kick the person deemed to be doing this intentionally.

Ubisoft says that it will be keeping an eye on how well the feature is working and whether it is reducing the amount of games affected by this issue (which they claim is approximately 1.8% of games) and will adjust the parameters accordingly.

In an attempt to improve hit detection, PC gamers will be given an improved tick-rate. Instead of the 30 times per second a player’s position is updated on the server, it is being doubled to 60 times per second. The testing of this new system will be intermittent and will go on until Ubisoft are satisfied with the changes. It will then be rolled out on the console versions.

To try and help balance games a bit more, the amount of time to detect defenders in PvP has also been reduced from five seconds to two seconds in an attempt to reduce the amount of spawn killing, with defenders being able to ‘rush’ the attackers spawns before being detected.

The other bit of balancing comes in reducing the difficulty in PVE game mode Terrorist Hunt Disarm Bomb. The amount of White Masks has been reduced, as has the number of waves you face. This has been done because the completion rate for Realistic difficulty was way down on Ubisofts’ hopes (they aimed for a 1% success rate but only 0.1% had managed it).

Along with these comes the usual supply of bug fixes and other things to make the game run smoother. These include a bug where drones fall through the map during the preparation phase, players getting stuck, an improvement to the colour of blood and improvements to the matchmaking; players searching will now always be put through to ‘joining game session’.

You can see a full breakdown of the patch notes here.

Finally, PC players are also being given an Ultra-HD Texture Pack, which is said to bring the game ‘to a new level of visual fidelity’. It can be downloaded on Steam and Uplay.

What are your thoughts on this patch? Anything you think they’ve missed?