epic-battle-fantasyToday’s free flash game of the day comes from the NewGrounds website and is called Epic Battle Fantasy, a tactical role playing game that will certainly entertain both gamers who love Japanese RPGs (JPRPGs) as well as creatures from the Pokemon Universe.

Just like all turn based, tactical RPGs, Epic Battle Fantasy is played solely using the mouse and it is as feature rich as a regular game. Unfortunately, there appears to be no story whatsoever, so you might find it funny at first, seeing yourself thrown into the action, not knowing what to spend your money on (or if you should do so), not knowing what all the character options mean and so on…

However, you will soon learn your moves, understand that it is, after all, a free to play game and you can’t expect it to come with a tutorial or cutscenes featuring Hollywood actors, and you’ll continue dealing tons of damage to the monsters that, as I said before, will thrill the Pokemon fans.

All in all, if you’re up for some action, Epic Battle Fantasy is exactly what you were looking for. So follow the link to play the game and remember to check back on Unigamesity for even more!