minotaur-china-shopMinotaur China Shop is a flash game you can play for free, one that looks like nothing I’ve seen until now: you are a “salesperson” in an antique shop. Not really entertaining, right? Well… you are a sales-Minotaur in an antique shop. A huge minotaur full of anger, one that will destroy everything in its way if not handled with care. And that is the fun part!

Minotaur China Shop is basically a time management type of game with the twist mentioned above: it’s not just about the speed (since your customers want their antiques as soon as possible!) but also about the skill. And trust me when I say that guiding the minotaur through the shop and not breaking anything is almost impossible.

Although generally fun for the first 5-10 minutes or so, Minotaur China Shop has a few big flaws, as all games do: first of all it’s the control method which is keyboard-only (since finesse is needed). Although understandable, it took me a while to get used with the controls. The second problem is the one that hits every game of this kind: repetitiveness. The space is limited, the customers tend to want the same thing and you will soon know the shortest ways to get there. And soon you will master the minotaur, making things even easier.

However, there are other things that might make you forget about this repetitiveness: lots of power-ups and some extra guests I’ll let you find out for yourself. Because, yes, at least for five minutes, you could give Minotaur China Shop a try. You can do so here, but you will need the Unity game engine installed to play the game (which can be downloaded if you follow the link and, just like the game, is free to get!)