24-days-in-the-mallThe Mall – the place where survivors tend to go whenever zombies come into town, and as a result we had quite a few wonderful movies. Now it’s time to try the same thing with computer games – a free flash game, to be more specific, one titled 24 Days in the Mall. Your quest? Survive the zombie invasion. How? Well, by killing them, of course!

Although 24 Days in the Mall receives the Flash Game of the Day award, I should warn you that it is quite difficult and maybe not quite a perfect title, but it’s still fun because of the concept. However, the fun might go away if you don’t have the skills and you’ll start losing…

Basically the concept is simple in this flash game: you have to shoot zombies using an interesting war machine, you can upgrade your bullets and buy more, you can make all sorts of tactical decisions and you have to press the “shoot” button all the time. Basic concept for this type of game.

The problem in 24 Days in the Mall occurs when you realize that the area you have to protect is obscenely wide and rarely you will be able to defend it properly (mainly because you will have no option to know exactly where are the zombies coming). Add to that the fact that moving and shooting won’t give you too much accuracy, and you’ll have quite a challenging game here. But that’s not a bad thing, right? We all love challenges!

So give 24 Days in the Mall a try and remember to check back more often here on Unigamesity for the latest and best flash games, free games and MMOs!