I am sure that there are not a ton of people still remembering that an adventure game set in the Warcraft universe was set to be launched 18 years ago. It was supposed to be titled Warcraft Adventures – Lord of the Clans, but Blizzard decided to can the project right before its release and unfortunately fans of the genre and the beloved universe didn’t get a chance to try the game out.

Well, 18 years later, a pre-release version witn in-game cinematics has surfaced on Abandonware website Abandonia, where user Reidorr shared a download link for the free version of the game. He does not say where he has the file from, who he is or anything else, really, but it’s happening. You can now download and play Warcraft Adventures, a game that has been hidden for 18 years now.

In the point and click adventure game, players are put in the shoes of Orc Thrall who has been raised by a human Lord who intended to use him as a spy on the Horde. However, when Thrall decides not to betray his race, the Lord decides to execute him and your adventure begins: you have to escape execution and find your way back to the Horde in order to continue the fight against the Alliance.

If for some reasons you’re not sure if free adventure games set in the Warcraft universe are your slice of pepperoni pizza, check out a bit of gameplay below:

Have in mind, though, that Warcraft Adventures – Lord of the Clans was canned 18 years ago by Blizzard because they didn’t consider it of a high enough quality to be released publicly, so don’t expect a game changing revelation. Also, it’s an old, pre-release version which might have a bug or two here and there.