The Da Vinci Code is an action and adventure video game where you are required to solve puzzles. It was developed by The Collective and published for various consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Microsoft in 2006. This game is themed on the original novel of Dan Brown, however it is not associated to the film of the same name. Some aspects of the story has been changed in this game such as the fictional religious sect in the novel known as “Opus Dei” has been changed to the fictional “Manus Dei”. Though this game has received quite a few negative reviews, we find that this game deserves a second chance with its decent adventure with interesting themes and puzzles.

This adaptation of Dan Brown’s ubiquitous novel The Da Vinci Code into a video game is not a bad result at all. This Da Vince Code video game offers a challenging and varied gameplay experience that definitely awaken the amateur cryptographer in you. On this game, you will be able to investigate crime scenes and decipher puzzles which are mixed up often to render the gameplay more interesting. The two main characters in this game are suspected murderer Robert Landon who is a symbologist and a well-known cryptographer called Sophie Neveu. This game will bring to you challenging and interesting puzzles where you will require decipher symbolic codes, unscramble anagrams, solve riddles, and much more.

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If you are a fan of adventure games, you will most probably like The Da Vinci Code video game. Whereas if you have already read the book, watched the movie, solved the mystery on the video game, then you can try Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play Slots where you can earn a fortune with further mysteries of Leonardo Da Vinci and his paintings.