If you are looking for a strictly adventure game with a nice game story and overall good production value, Black Rainbow is the game for you. Just launched over at Big Fish Games, the title takes you on an exciting journey to become the savior of a particular world. And there are no hidden object scenes out there!

Story wise, things go like this: Help Helen escape the burning village; guide her through the dark and dangerous forests and help the people of Amazonia. The evil behind the curtain is far bigger and dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined. It’s up to Helen to restore the balance in this hidden and unexplored world. Can you survive the impossible!?

Well, that’s up for you to find out and make sure that you have a lot of time for this game, because it’s a really long experience. Always a good thing since it gives you more value for your money. And extensive play time is not everything in Black Rainbow! The game also comes with some really cool, lifelike graphics, solid voice overs and a really useful hint system. There are also mini games to spruce things up, but they’re not very challenging so veteran players should have no problem cruising through them (you can also skip them if you can’t beat them, though!)

All in all, Black Rainbow is a solid adventure only game (sorry, hidden object fans, we have nothing for you today) and if you were looking for a massive time killer, this is the one. So head over to Big Fish Games and give Black Rainbow a try.