One of the most rapidly advancing and highly useful machines are 3D printers. Many may believe it’s a new invention but designers and engineers have been utilizing it for around three decades now. The Disney Research team has even created toys using a digital design tool. This is a view of the future possibilities of 3D printing technology.

Advancements in the Medical Field

The medical field may experience the largest growth with the application of 3D printing. Artificial bones are one way scientists are experimenting. Inadequate human body parts may also be replaced in surgical procedures. Expect 3D bioprinted organs to work as well as organic organs. The positive side of this is that donors will not be needed and it won’t take as long to receive a kidney. Customized models may also be ordered by surgeons so they that they may see patient’s anatomy more realistically. Australian scientists utilized bio-ink formed from human induced pluripotent stem cells and a 3D printer to fashion brain-like tissue. Cartilage and skin may be printed on a machine. This important technology has the potential to save more lives than ever.

Improvements in Manufacturing

Mass customization will become simpler to implement as products with differing shapes, sizes, materials and colors may be created more quickly. One example is the dental product Invisalign. Materials may be more flexible and structural. Alternative methods of printing may also be utilized. Printing with metal will be less expensive where it was previously too expensive for mass production or prototyping.

Home Use

What if instead of taking the time and effort to head to the store to purchase a new cabinet handle, you could instantly print one from home? You may also be able to scan and email what’s needed to a print shop. Stores wouldn’t need to keep so many products on shelves. Using your imagination you can see what may happen. 3D printing will most likely expand into other areas of advancement. Disaster areas could print supplies, car owners would replace parts themselves and even villagers may print parts for water pumps and farm equipment. Businesses at home would see a significant rise in profits as product efficiency increases. There may be a downside as this leads to less creativity and a more technical way to solve problems.

Customizing Food

It’s true, and intriguing, that there is a distinct possibility that even food will be 3D printed. It would almost literally pop out of the machine like The Jetsons. Fast, easy and hopefully tasty! Customize your candy gifts for Valentine’s Day or create more complex chocolate sculptures than ever. It sounds like a Willy Wonka movie.

The innovative technology of 3 dimensional printing is faster, less expensive and takes less effort than traditional methods of creating products. The future is looking bright and profitable for those who use this machine. The possibilities are endless. The konica minolta website is known for it’s research, product technology and sustainability.