Last year, 2 weeks to our end of the year meeting, my boss asked me to prepare and forward his presentation to every member of our board. I worked hard day and night to put things together and 3 days to the meeting I was done and happy of myself. Yes, I was happy and forgot to forward as I was instructed but that morning, when I wanted to forward the files, I started to worry.

Guess what… I couldn’t find my work anymore. That is when I remembered that the previous day I cleaned some files because I wanted to free up some space on my drives. Yes, it can happen; when that happens, it’s nobody’s fault. Do you want to know how I avoided being shamed by my boss? Follow me to know what you can do when that happened to you.

1. Downloaded EaseUS free data recovery software

So, there’s this techie friend of mine I called to know what I could do. He suggested I use a recovery software to recover those lost files. This was the first time I heard of such a thing so I just hit my favorite search engine Google and it suggested EaseUS free data recovery software. I downloaded it and installed it. The installation process was quite easy. With few clicks I was done.

2. Selected the media to scan

Once the installation process completed, I launched the software and was prompted to choose a media to scan, and I did it. I was also asked to choose the type of files I needed to recover. As my work was in 3 formats: PDF documents, word files and PowerPoint presentations, I decided to search for those 3 to see what I’ll get back.

3. Began the scanning process

Back to reality! Once I selected the media and the type of files, I was prompted to select the type of scanning. EaseUS free data recovery software has two types of scans: there’s the quick scan process and the deep scan. As I didn’t know what those mean, I chose the quick scan. Later, I came to know what those two mean. The main difference was how many files the free data recovery software will retrieve.

4. Recovered deleted files

So my files were there, clear as daylight in front of my eyes. I chose the ones I needed and recovered them. As I didn’t have much time left, I saved the scan result and forwarded the files to the board members. After the meeting, I was curious to see what I could get and checked the results again and guess the shock of my life when I discovered the disaster that was looming around my head had I not used this free data recovery software…

This is how I was able to save myself from disaster that day. Since then, I make sure I recover deleted files with EaseUS free data recovery software to recover deleted files and check if there’s nothing I need back every once in a while.