Jane Angel 2 Fallen HeavenJane Angel is in trouble and it’s up for her sister Nancy to rescue her in Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven, available right now on Big Fish Games and providing a good alternative to what you should do on a lazy day. It’s a story filled with mystery and confusion and, of course, the supernatural – an adventure with a lot of decisions to make!

Here’s how the story goes: In the next exciting chapter in the Jane Angel series, Jane has mysteriously vanished and it’s up to her sister, Nancy to solve the case. However, as Nancy delves deeper into a world of ancient conspiracies and the supernatural, she finds that this mystery isn’t so easily solved. Can you help Nancy navigate through history in order to find her sister? Explore a sprawling and vivid world in Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven!

The game comes with 139 game screens and 24 animated game characters and overall a pretty interesting adventure (even though pretty confusing to start with), so there’s a lot to do here. The focus is more on the “adventure” part rather than the “hidden object” genre, but the hidden object scenes are really interesting and they are interconnected in some occasions, making the whole experience even more interesting.

And even though Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven is not a game to win any Game of the Year awards too soon, it still is, just like I said in the intro, a good title to play on a lazy day, especially because of the really nice graphics.

So if you want to give it a try, head over to Big Fish Games and download Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven right away!