The first boosting companies were created during the season 3 of league of Legends, so 6 years ago after many enquiries from League of Legends players.

In the beginning, not many league boosting services existed, but it seemed to work so other services were created, more or less professional.

Create a great website

The website you create has to be performed for users coming from every country: its speed, design, the services you offer and the payment method users can pay with are real factors to take into consideration.

Hire the best boosters

The biggest groups could be composed of hundreds of eloboosters and a full staff to handle the websites everyday. Having contact with these players is crucial to create a nice squad.

To do it, you have to check all their profiles, see their statistics and add them in-game their accounts.

Then if they are often available have the requirements, you can create an account the website where they can start working when they want to.

The only thing to remember is to set up rules: for example, the booster gain, the delay to respect for the boosts and what they are not allowed to do. Confidence and communication between the members are the keys to succeed.

Don’t make boosting expensive

As mentioned before, there are so many people offering boosting on LoL that the average price for a simple division boost is known so your prices will be usually compared to your competitors and users could choose the cheapest website.

Today you can still create small groups on Skype and Discord if you want to propose cheaper prices but the players are careful about it because they know it’s not done professionally.

We can find this business on multiple games, but League of Legends is staying the main game at the moment.