It’s been some time since we recommended a high quality hidden object adventure game and fortunately for the fans of the genre, we have one to share today. The Secret Order: Ancient Times is a new game in the Secret Order series, but also one that can be played and fully enjoyed by those who haven’t played the previous titles.

Story wise, here’s how The Secret Order: Ancient Times goes: “You have been summoned to the headquarters of the Order of the Griffin, but the place is in a state of chaos when you arrive. The artifacts you recovered in your last adventure have become unstable, breaking down reality and trapping your father! Now you must travel back in time to destroy the artifacts before the reaction destroys the world. Can you track down the mysterious kingdom where the artifacts were made and save the future from destruction? Hop aboard the Royal Griffin to find out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle adventure game!”

Probably the only thing that I have against this game is that it doesn’t give you a Royal Griffin as a sidekick, but a baby Griffin. It does add to the cuteness factor, but I would’ve liked something a bit more majestic.

Apart from that, we have a great story with really beautiful graphics, nice HoS that can be replaced by MahJongg games and a series of smart and thought-provoking mini games that you will surely enjoy. In other words, an extremely pleasant experience for hidden object adventure game fans out there!

So head over to Big Fish Games and download The Secret Order: Ancient Times to see for yourself how good the game is!