rougoku-screenagainToday’s flash game of the day was Rougoku, a great escape the room title. As promised, I am sharing with you the Rougoku walkthrough, a step by step guide to help you with the game and escape the room as easy as possible. So, if you got stuck somewhere or you simply wish to finish the game as soon as possible, check out my Rougoku walkthrough!

Step by step Rougoku walkthrough

1. Pick up the bracket near the door, move one screen right and pick up the plate.
2. Move two screens to the left and check the bed (click on the metal leg to the right): pick up the bracket and the knife.
3. Click on the bottom on the screen, then move left where is a big spot on the wall. Click the pocket, select the knife and click on the spot to sharpen the knife.
4. Move right and select the knife then click on the rope on the bed.
5. Move right (twice) and click on the grill. Use the pan with water, then select the pan and click on the spots indicated in the images below (click to enlarge!)


6. Combine the two brackets (double click one of them, then click the other) then click to pick up the loose bar on the grill with the water (the third bar from the left).
7. Move right, where the W is on the wall and use the bar on the high object on the wall. Move right and pick the object near the bed. Combine it in the inventory screen with the bar.
8. Click the foremost left side of the bed and check the code. After switching the numbers as indicated, you will get the code: E5 N2 S3 W2.
9. Now comes the tricky part: you have to use the hammer you have created a while ago and knock the indicated amount of times on the Xs on each wall: Knock 5 times on the X near the door (by selecting the hammer and clicking on the X five times), then 2 times on the X above the bed, three times on the X on the wall with the grill and finally 2 times on the wall with the big spot.
10. There is a hole in the wall next to the bed, containing a nut/bolt. Grab it and use it to connect the two brackets then use the rope with the brackets.
11. Move to the door and use it with the opening in the door.
12. Now move fast: open the door, then move left quickly and click the right side below the bed to hide. You will see a silhouette walking by the door, then get out and leave. Freedom, at last!

I hope you enjoyed this step by step Rougoku walkthrough. If you still have questions, please ask them here!